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Photograph of Gert and Eleonor Du Plessis

My name is Gert du Plessis and I was born and bred in Namibia. I am married to an angel of God. Her name is Eleonor and God calls her “A Vessel of His Love”.

We have both been married prior in our lives, and re-married again in Lydenburg in 1993, RSA.  Each of us have three children from our previous marriages, and today all of us are one big, blessed and happy family.

I grew up in a Pentecostal home.  My father was involved in the foundation of new churches in the old South West Africa.  In 1983 I was baptized after I gave my heart to Jesus.  For several years I served the Lord wholeheartedly, but then I succumbed to temptation and satan took me back into the world, a decision which I honestly regret.

In 1994 I decided, once again, to get my life right with my Creator, and I purposefully started the journey on the road of salvation.  Three prophecies were prophesied over my life between 1994 and 1995, one by the worship singer Julius Megan.  The word in essence, was that God was going to use me to stand before people and to help set the captives free.

On 29 August 2001 I had a massive stroke.  In the blink of an eye I changed from a big, strong, independent man to a weak, dependent baby.  It was like I had lost the essence of my being.   My wife had to feed me and take care of my every need whilst I was trapped in the confines of a wheelchair. The medical specialists then discovered a tumour in my brain, and they gave me only one month to live. That afternoon, after receiving the death sentence proclaimed over me, I turned my face to the wall and cried out to God.  I reminded Him of the prophecies that had been spoken over my life and that they had not yet come to pass, and I reminded Him that those prophecies were from Him and my purpose had not yet been fulfilled.  If He could do it for Hiskia, then He could also do it for me.

The following day they operated on me.  They could only remove a portion of the tumour, as it was located inside the right brain lobe.  It was busy eating my brain.  From all over, people were calling my name before God reminding Him of His promises for my life.   Many tests were done and it was eventually discovered that I had Toxoplasmosis.  Barely a week later I was discharged from hospital, and the doctor declared that I was a medical miracle, because the thing in my brain was still alive, but it was no longer growing and had totally stopped eating.  God had stopped it from continuing to grow.  The doctor’s words were that only God could intervene in such a manner, and his only advice to me was to go home and recuperate my health.

According to the doctors, I was only the third person who had been diagnosed with this disease and managed to survive it.  There was no prescribed medicine for it, and they asked permission to use my case for research.  But satan was not happy with the situation, and the next couple of years was a nightmare filled with anxiety attacks, muscle spasms, memory loss and many other symptoms.  The huge quantities of medication that I had taken while they were doing all the tests on me, started affecting and destroying my body.  My life had turned into a living hell after the operation, and I often wished and prayed that I would die.  I could not remember anything anymore, and my relationship with God was the last thing I could concentrate on.  I was always sitting at the side of my bed, crying my heart out before God.

One day I suddenly started experiencing visions.  My Father had seen my torn and broken heart.  Ever since that time, God has often spoken to me in visions.  But my whole body continued to deteriorate.  In the interim I had been declared medically unfit, and my son had taken over the management of our entire business.  Satan was intent on destroying everything, and in 2004 we were forced to close down and sell all our properties in the Lowveld and move back to Namibia.  I had accepted the certainty that I was going back to the place of my birth to die, and once I had passed away my wife would return to the RSA.

But God had a plan with my life.  Just as the prophecies had proclaimed.

A week after we’ve returned to Namibia I threw away my walking stick, with which I had been able to walk short distances, and after a month I was diving in the sea for crayfish and catching fish.  God had completely healed me.  There are some scars that remain, but I have learned to live with them.  Out of thankfulness for what our Father had done for us, my wife and I sowed ourselves as seed for the Kingdom.   At one point in my life the Spirit revealed to me that I was still bound by the sins from my past, alcohol and adultery, the two things that had tormented me throughout my life.  Alcohol and adultery were the weaknesses, the problem areas that held me captive and vulnerable to temptation.

Then the Lord gave me 2 Timothy:

2 Timothy 2:20-21 :  “In a large house there are not only objects made of wood and clay.  Some objects are honored when they are used; others aren’t, those who stop associating with dishonorable people will be honored.  They will be set apart for the Master’s use, prepared to do good things”. 

I then realized that if I wanted to be used by God, I had to be delivered from my captivity, both my wife Eleonor and I.  I then called upon the Lord and He, Himself, delivered Eleonor and I from these sins of the past and set us free.  This made me realize that people are held captive and are bound by sin, just as we were held captive.  We asked God to use us as vessels to help set the captives free knowing how important it is for God’s children to be delivered from sin, in order to live in the fullness of His blessing.

That was how Mount Zion Ministries started the journey in 2007 as a Deliverance Ministry upon instruction from the Holy Spirit.  The same day we said “Yes” for the ministry, God took us into the “desert“.  We had to follow the difficult journey through the desert, because there were many things that were important to me but of no interest to God and we had to lose the baggage.  We had to learn what it was about what He wanted, and not what we wanted.  We had to die to the desires of the flesh until only His Perfect Will remained.  We had to learn to trust Him completely and be obedient in everything.

One of the first things we were asked, was to sell everything we owned and give all our money to Him, so that we could be set free from our confidence in mammon.  We got the first offerings only in 2010, once all our money was finished.  We really had to walk on the hard desert road and if truth be told, it was not an easy trip.  Our first instruction then was to start a Deliverance Ministry.  Later on we became involved in Children’s Homes, collecting funds and food as well as clothes.  We then also started serving in Churches.

One day God asked us if we would start a Telephone Ministry.  It was a huge struggle, as I have no post graduate education, but after a while I realized that I had no other choice but to say “Yes“.   We placed an advert in the local newspaper for help, and the Telephone Ministry has been up and running since 2008.  We have experienced the greatest miracles over the phone.  Thousands of people have given their hearts to Jesus, and attempted suicides have turned into salvations.  Many healings and deliverances have been done over the phone.  The testimonies are spread across the length and breadth of our country, even from as far afield as Europe, people have called out to God through the Telephone Ministry, and God has delivered and healed them.

Later on we started ministering and serving the workers on the farms, as the farms in Namibia are thousands of hectares and the workers seldom have the opportunity to travel in order to visit a place of worship.   In the meantime we have also written a book of instruction about the spirit world, and how to live in victory according to God’s Word.  We have served on TV a couple of times, and God has sent us all over, wherever there has been a need.

In 2013 the Holy Spirit guided us that we need to do an annual outreach into Southern Africa with tremendous results.

In 2013 we visited the Kavango and Caprivi regions in Northern Namibia, and in 2014 we also visited neighbouring Zambia and Zimbabwe and were touched by the tremendous desire people had to learn more of the Gospel and to fellowship.   Testimonies regarding these outreaches can be found here on our website.

Our main goals during these outreaches are to spread the Gospel, heal the sick, provide Bibles to those who don’t have any and also supply medical supplies, clothes and food etc, and to further provide whatever the need is in the communities we visit.

We experience miracles every day of our lives.  The Holy Spirit is so faithful and He works signs and wonders in the lives of those we meet.  Our entire lives bear testimony to the miracles that God has done and is still doing in peoples’ lives today.  God has also told us that He will provide us with journalists who will assist us in the writing of books in the near future.  These books will bear witness of everything that He has done to date through this ministry.  At the perfect time God will bring in these journalists through various connections who will then carry out the message of healing and deliverance through these books.

We are blessed to serve in both ministries and communities across the world, especially in poor settlements.

MZM has more than 60 active members, members of the Body of Christ who share the desire to make disciples of people – people who are sold out for the Kingdom of the Lord, people who recognize the needs of society and are willing to get involved and make a difference.  Testimonies of the various projects we are involved in can also be found here on the website.

We also offer two courses at present in both Deliverance and Operating under the Anointing, the details thereof can be found on this website. All our courses are presented free of charge, our ministry is non-profit and self funded.  We are blessed with donors who sow into our ministry.

If the Spirit of God is speaking to you and we need to serve you, please feel free to contact us.  We have been to numerous places across the globe – wherever there has been a need.  If God wants us to go, He will provide and He has never disappointed us.

We pray and trust that you will enjoy our website, and that God will bless you.

Love in Christ

Gert & Eleonor du Plessis

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  1. Chloe Greeff says:

    Ek is so gelukkig om deel van hierdie bediening te wees. Dit was my begeerte om aan n huis en bediening te behoort. Verder ook om n aktiewe lid te wees. My roeping is “intercessor”.

    baie liefde’

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