Gert’s Testimony Of Baby Boy Involved In Accident


With this testimony I want to glorify our Heavenly Father, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the lovely and faithful Holy Spirit.  I am so blessed by this incident that I want to share this testimony in detail with everyone I know.  Please do not give me the credit, as I was only used as an instrument in the hands of God.  All the glory and honor unto Him alone.

Please allow me to start from the beginning.

The Holy Spirit has been speaking to me about the supernatural power of God, during the last couple of weeks.  This is a complete function at a higher level where the flesh is not involved, but only the Spirit.  I have also started reading books about it, written by Maldonado.  Maldonado lives only in that realm, which is the reason why he is able to explain it all so perfectly.

When I presented the Anointing Course in Windhoek, the Spirit gave us a Word that says: “now is the time to function in higher levels.”  That Word was given to us on Sunday 15/06/2014.  We seized that Word and asked the Holy Spirit to help us, in order to fulfill the Word in His ministry.

On Monday afternoon, 16 June 2014, I was lying on my bed, reading a book of Maldonado.  He was speaking about the difference between believing and how to live in faith.  My spirit was crying out to the Lord to also use me in these higher levels.  The following moment I heard a vehicle’s screeching brakes and the terrible noise of cars colliding.  (We live next to a highway.)  I got up and asked the servant girl if she had also heard the noise, which she confirmed.  I went outside and asked our garden boy the same question.  He also confirmed it and told me that there was an accident at the crossing on the main road.  I then clearly heard The Holy Spirit instructing me to immediately go to the scene of the accident.

As I was walking across the open field leading towards the highway, the Holy Spirit commanded me to take control over the entire area, the air space and also the ground underneath the ground space, in the name of Jesus Christ.  He commanded me furthermore to bind the blood-thirsty spirit and the spirit of death, I had to also command them not to drink a single drop of blood any more.

Once I arrived at the accident scene, I noticed that there were 3 cars involved in the accident.  I went to the third car where I found two women still inside the car, and a baby boy of about 18 months, lying on the ground next to the car.  A lot of people were standing around screaming and yelling.  There was no movement in the little boy.  I could see two big holes in his head, so big that my little finger could fit in them.  Blood was gushing out from the wounds in his head.

The Holy Spirit then commanded me to do the following:

“Go and kneel beside the baby, bow over him and protect him with the Body of Christ”,

which I immediately proceeded to do in obedience.

As I was busy carrying out the command of the Holy Spirit, I experienced a feeling, that I have never experienced before.  I knew that it was not me who was knelt down, but the Spirit inside me.  I have done thousands of deliverances before and the Lord has used us for a lot of miracles, but I have never before experienced that level of power or that level of authority.  I immediately felt a release in the spirit and I knew that the Spirit of God inside me, was in total control.

I was then taken away in the Spirit and it felt as though I didn’t exist.  It was not even necessary for me to ask God for further instructions, or what I had to do next.  I knew for certain that the angels of God had cleared the entire area from demonic powers and fallen angels.  I cannot explain it in words, but at that moment I knew exactly what to do.  The Spirit inside me then commanded the wounds in the boy’s head to stop bleeding and the wounds immediately obeyed the command .  I could also see foam coming from the boy’s mouth.

A paramedic on the scene of the accident opened the left eye of the baby.  I noticed that it was dull and had no life in it.  The Spirit inside me then rebuked the spirit of death and commanded him to give the boy’s life back to him.  In the Spirit I laid my hand on the boy’s chest and called his life back into him.  The absolute peace and calmness of God rested upon me.  No human being can ever experience that kind of peacefulness and calmness in the flesh.

People were still busy shouting and crying all around the scene.  They were screaming at the paramedic to help the child, not knowing that the baby was lifeless.  The paramedic lost his temper and shouted at the people that he could do nothing more for the baby.  As he was shouting at the people, I looked up and looked him in the eye.  The peace of God then came over the man.  I knew he wasn’t looking into my eyes, but that he was seeing the Spirit inside me.  The Spirit inside me kept on praying for the baby and his protection.  I then noticed that the child had turned his head to the side and that no more foam was coming from his mouth.

Another paramedic arrived on the scene and knelt down next to the baby and opened the right eye of the baby.  I could see that life was back in his eye.  I heard the paramedic say that the child was alive.  He then ran to get gloves.  Afterwards he picked the child up and drove to the hospital.

I was still kneeling down when the woman in the driver’s seat, turned her head and looked me in the eye.  The back door was open and the front seat was lowered.  I could see the pain, fear and the desperate call for help in her eyes.  I remembered smiling at her and I could see absolute relief on her face.  All the pain and fear in her suddenly disappeared.  God’s peacefulness and calmness rested upon her.

I then again heard a command from the Spirit:

“Your work is finished here, get up and go.”

When I got up, I noticed that the entire area had been barricaded by the police.  All the people on the scene were standing about thirty meters away.  The police had removed every single person from the scene, except for me.  That was very strange to me.  It was as though I was invisible to them.  It was only later on that somebody told me that God had put me in control, thus they had no right to remove me.  I walked home and it felt as though I was floating.  I have never experienced such a feeling in my life before.

The next day I went to see a doctor in town for a different personal reason.  She is a very dear sister of ours and a lovely child of God.  I asked her whether she had heard about the accident.  She acknowledged that she had.  I asked her how the baby was doing and she confirmed that the baby was fine.  She smiled and asked me whether I was the man on the scene.  We unfortunately couldn’t continue our conversation and I asked her to give me a call later, which she did.

She phoned me during the afternoon after the accident and told me that she had spoken to the paramedics.  She also told me that she knew the baby and said that satan had tried to kill that same child before, about a year ago, when boiling water had been spilled over his body.  The paramedics told her that there was nothing they could do for the baby.  They also said that they did not know what happened at the accident scene, but that they suddenly saw that the child was alive after they thought the child was dead.   She also spoke to the doctors who were on duty in the hospital at that time.  They in return told her that it was impossible for the baby to have had survived all his injuries, especially his head injuries.

On Wednesday morning, 18 June 2014, I received the following SMS from the doctor:

“Praise report! Baby Werner from the accident is out of ICU, may be discharged tomorrow!  He is playing and asking for food.  Praise God, thank you Jesus!”

I have tasted a bit of the “supernatural functioning” of the Holy Spirit and am now continually seeking this level of functioning in the body with my entire heart and spirit.  I made a promise to God that I will not rest before I am able to permanently live on that level.  When I forwarded the SMS about this miracle, I received so many confirmations about the higher level that the Body of Christ was going to start experiencing.

May this testimony bless you and also give you the desire to reach higher levels in the spirit.

All the glory to God Almighty.

Greetings and blessings from Namibia