Selfie’s Testimony

Selfie se Getuienis


Selfie’s parents arrived at our house one evening with a photo of Selfie, asking if we could please pray for Selfie, as she was in a hospital in Windhoek, with a cancer tumor the size of her head.  Her father said that he believed that if we prayed, with our hands laid upon the photo, God would touch Selfie where she was laying in hospital.

On the photograph, we could see a little girl with a huge stomach.  It looked like she had swallowed a ball.  We started praying, and immediately the Holy Spirit showed me what to do.  Because of the fact that African people are so very susceptible to superstition, God didn’t want any human contact with Selfie’s healing.  The Holy Spirit told me not to lay my hands on the photo, but rather take a tissue and sprinkle it with the Blood of Jesus (red grape juice dedicated to God), and that her parents should then go and apply the Blood-sprinkled tissue, on Selfie’s stomach.  God would then heal Selfie.

About a month later, Selfie’s mother Milka, arrived with Selfie at our home. She wanted to show us that Selfie’s been healed.  Jesus had completely healed Selfie, and today she is a healthy young girl, with a normal life.

We give Jesus all the honor, praise and glory.

God bless you