Krugersdorp Report – March 2014

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Praise the Lord!

The outreach in Krugersdorp / Muldersdrift was such a powerful and blessed one.  The Spirit intervened and once AGAIN we were privileged to see just how perfectly He brought everything together.  Thank you to everybody who provided funds for the outreach, everybody who prayed and interceded for us – we had our fair share of onslaughts.

As we are not always aware of who is sowing into the ministry, we would like to give this testimony of what God has done.  Thank you for faithfully sowing into the ministry to support the Lord’s work.  Without your seed, we would not be able to do what we do since a sower needs seed to sow for a crop to come forth.

Please allow me to share a couple of testimonies with you to the glory and honour of the Lord.

We were privileged to help free 95 souls through deliverance.  We had a number of appointments during the week whilst we were doing deliverances, but on the Tuesday morning our hostess stated that 3 women who had appointments for deliverance, had cancelled.   I immediately felt in my spirit that God had another plan with this, although I did not know what.

Sitting on the porch in the beautiful and peaceful garden, I spoke to God whilst enjoying my coffee.  An old gardener was busy working in the garden, not far from where I sat.  I heard the Spirit say that I had to ask the gardener if I could pray for him.  With a radiant face, he immediately answered “YES”.  He also told me that he had been struggling with backache.  I guided him through confession and also led him to take back his territory.  He also asked God to break all the curses and bondages over his life, and it was right there where Jesus healed him.  Pure joy and absolute peace radiated from him.

A few minutes later the housekeeper also came to ask for prayer, as she said that her legs and feet were constantly in pain.  As with the gardener, we worked through the same process and then Jesus also healed her.  I said to our hostess to expect a flood of their workers soon, because I know from experience that when God touches one, more would flood His Kingdom.  That shows just how hungry people are for the True Gospel.

And so they came in their groups.  Before we could blink our eyes, all the mothers and about 20 children from the compound were sitting there, ready to be dedicated to the Lord.  It was absolutely and extraordinary event.  We dedicated all the children during the morning and did around 50 deliverances – at one point we had to serve in groups.  Approximately 20 repentances, and nothing less than 40 healings occurred during that time.  God is so faithful.  People came flooding in their numbers, so much so, that we had to stop them at lunch time.

And so we continued the following day.  At dawn the next morning, the old gardener Alpheus once again made his appearance.  He just wanted to come thank us for the opportunity we gave him to accept Jesus, and also to thank Jesus for healing him.  He told us that for the first time in a very long time, he had a good night’s rest.  And so Alpheus would return to the porch every morning thereafter to thank us again.  He shone with joy and victory.

One morning after our group’s morning devotions on the porch, Alpheus made his appearance once again.  He was still beaming and again gave thanks, he also said something afterwards that touched me deep in my soul.  He came to thank us for the privilege that he was given to meet Jesus and for the privilege of being able to accept Jesus into his heart.  He also said the following:  “My parents and grandparents never had this opportunity, but God gave me a chance,” and with tears running down his cheeks he looked up and again thanked God.  Old Alpheus’s words deeply touched me.

It was such a tremendous blessing, but I felt ashamed when I thought of how long it had been since I thanked my Creator with such honesty and sincerity for what Jesus did for me, and also for what He continues to do and bless me with every day.  Old Alpheus had grabbed the opportunity that he had been given, with both hands and he picked the fruits thereof.  He is completely free and healed, because of the Son who freed him.

Then the Spirit asked me the following:

“Can you see why the word says that the miserable, the poor & the weak, will be the ones attending the Marriage Supper of the Lamb?

It is because those who have been called to attend are too busy with the things of this world.  Oxen are being bought, women are getting married, lands are being cultivated, more and more money must be made daily.  They do not trust Me, I have already given them more than enough.  All I expect is that they protect it against the evil ones and rule over that which they have received.  They have to honor and serve Me.  I know when to add more.  Those who have been called are busy losing their salvation and they are exchanging their first-born rights for a pot of lentil soup, just like Esau.  They are going to cry bitter tears of sadness and pity, but then it will forever be too late.

Mammon has become their god.”

We worked through more than 60 workers in 2 days and none of them had the desire to get more money or to earn more respect.  All they wanted was Jesus – His peace, healing and protection over their homes.  Their sincere hearts reproached me today and I therefore have to ask the following question:



There were 2 groups who attended the courses in which the Spirit also worked powerfully.  It was amazing how the Spirit Himself, separated the two groups and how He served each person individually, according to his/her specific needs.  The Lord delivered all the attendees on the last day of the course, as well as the 3 woman who were willing to stand back for the sake of the workers.

I know we’re not allowed to count the people, but this is an instruction from the Holy Spirit and proof of what He has done in 18 days:

95 Deliverances

20 Repentances

20 Dedication of Children

13  People Baptized

40  Healings (which we know of)

31 Attendees who completed the Deliverance Course

31 Attendees who completed the Anointing Course

12 Leaders that were served

God also healed a girl over the phone – she was bitten by a spider and was seriously ill.  We believe that witchcraft was the cause due to jealousy at her workplace.

As I look back at the outreach, it is with great excitement over what the Spirit of God is busy doing right now.  I am looking forward to the outreaches for the rest of the year and believe we are going to experience great things in 2014.  Time is running out quickly and it is as if the Spirit is starting to run out ahead of us and encourage us to only work harder and harder.

Please pray for us, because the tasks and assignments are enormous.  The evil one is definitely not happy with what God is using us for.

The Lord bless you all.


Gert & Eleonor