After waiting for a couple of days for a Word from God for 2010, He gave me Isaiah 61.  As confirmation I also received Jeremiah 31.

I also had the following vision of a lamb:

A skulk of jackals were circling a lamb, and often tried to bite him.  The next moment I saw a massive ram with tremendous power and authority, while the jackals kept circling him.  The jackals tried to bite the ram, but the ram was so big that they couldn’t reach any higher than the ram’s hooves.  Their teeth had no effect on the ram’s hooves, no bite-marks could be seen on it.

The Lord then explained the vision to me:

In the past, the Lord allowed the forces of evil to bite (attack) us, in order to make us stronger and greater in Him.  He was therefor, preparing us for the future.  Because of the fact that we are now in the last moments of time, the Lord needs men and woman who have died to the flesh, and who are living completely under the power, guidance and authority of the Holy Spirit.  The harvest is large and the laborers are few.  Many people who should have been used, are too busy with other things and souls remain in bondage and are being lost.  Which is why going on forward, God will make those who have the true Gospel of Jesus Christ in their mouths, and those who bear the fruit of salvation, so big in Him that no attack of the enemy will have an effect on them.  They are going to be too busy with the purpose for which they have been called.  They will have to do the work of those, who neglected to do the work of God. Where one soul was served in the past, they will now serve three souls, which is why God Himself will protect and look after them, so that the harvest can be brought in.

The Lord also showed me a vision of a threshing machine:

He said the time for reapers are over, because the harvest is too great.  Some reapers are collecting their crops too slow.  The body must now start functioning as a unit, as in Ephesians 4.  Parts not functioning correctly, keeps breaking, and therefor delaying the harvesting-process, will be removed and replaced with new parts.  I see the machine in perfect condition, functioning properly, with the Holy Spirit as a lubricant in-between the parts.


Matthew 8:10, Matthew 28:19 -20 &Mark 16:15-18.

  • Make disciples
  • Raise the dead
  • Cast our demons
  • Heal the sick

The Word that I received with the vision was:  Isaiah 61 and Jeremiah 31:


ISAIAH 61 : 1  –  The Spirit of the Lord is on me.  God is calling us for a specific task 

JEREMIAH 31 : 2-3  –  Calling of the Lord for service.

ISAIAH  61:4  –  To build and restore

ISAIAH  61:3  –  The children of God will once again have joy, happiness, praise and live in victory

JEREMIAH 31:10-13  –  The children of God will once again have joy, happiness, praise and live in victory

ISAIAH 61:1-3  –  Our function : To set the captives free, deliver people, heal, comfort, bind wounds, restore people and relationships and serve people

JEREMIAH 31:6-9  –  Our function : To set the captives free, deliver people, heal, comfort, bind wounds, restore people and relationships and serve people

ISAIAH 61:4  –  Again to build and restore

JEREMIAH 31:4  –  Again to build and restore

ISAIAH 61:5  –  God will meet all our needs and protect us and all our belongings.  Strangers and foreigners will take care of us.

JEREMIAH 31:5  –  God will meet all needs and protect us and all our belongings.  Vines will be planted and planters will take care of it.

ISAIAH 61:6  –  We will be priests and ministers of God.  We will eat the wealth of nations.

JEREMIAH 31:12 & 14  –  We will receive and enjoy many blessings, and we will be priests.

ISAIAH 60:20  –  God will change our life with more authority and power.  He will fight for us.  No evil shall come unto us.  We shall receive double of everything in return.

JEREMIAH 31:20  –  God is concerned about His children.  He has compassion over them.

ISAIAH 61:8  –  God loves us.  He will determine our wages and give in abundance and make a covenant with us

ISAIAH 61:8  –  God loves us.  He will determine our wages and give in abundance and make a covenant with us

JEREMIAH 31:16 & 23  –  God will reward us for our labor.  He will bring a change and will bless us again.  He himself says it, so it is a covenant.

ISAIAH 61:9  –  God will bless our children and look after them.

JEREMIAH 31:17  –  Our children will be taken care of.

ISAIAH 61:10  –  We honor and rejoice in God for the trust he has in us.  He will clothe us as a priestly-groom, with might, power and authority

JEREMIAH 31:23-25  –  God will bless and protect us, and will refresh our weary souls.

ISAIAH 61:11  –  We will be like a well-groomed garden and will attract the attention of people.

JEREMIAH 31:12  –  We will receive many blessings and will be like a well-watered garden which contains corn, wine, oil, young sheep and cattle, and will not languish again. 

A few days later, the Lord confirmed His Word with Isaiah 62:


ISAIAH 62:1-5  –  Confirmation of a higher power and might we’ll be clothed with by the Lord

ISAIAH 62:6  –  Protection from the Lord Himself.

ISAIAH 62:8  –  The provision of the Lord that He’ll send foreigners to take care of us.

ISAIAH 62:10  –  We need to prepare the way for people and remove the obstacles.

ISAIAH 62:11  –  There is a reward in our work.

ISAIAH 62:12  –  Promise from the Lord, to bless our work and will never leave us.

ISAIAH 58  –  God confirms our command to carry out the message of salvation like a trumpet.

ISAIAH 58:6  –  That we’ll loosen the bonds of wickedness and remove the bands of the yoke, and to let the oppressed go free and break every yoke.  We will feed the hungry, and bring into the house the poor and the cast out.  That we will clothe the naked people, and heal the sick, and the glory of the Lord will be our rear guard.

ISAIAH 58:11  –  The Lord will always guide us, care for us and make us strong.  We shall be like a watered garden, and like a spring of water whose waters will never fail.  We will rebuild what is demolished.  The Lord also told me that not all will accept this word, and confirmed it with Isaiah 16.  Like the daughters of Moab were called out from the desert, to the mount of the daughter of Zion, but few heeded the call.  This is a promise and confirmation that the Lord also gave to us through other prophets.

To conclude, God gave me Isaiah 62:6 & 7:

“Ye that make mention of the LORD, keep not silence, And give Him no rest, till He establish, and till He make Jerusalem a praise in the earth.”

Father in the name of Jesus Christ, we accept this word and ask that the Holy Spirit will teach, learn, advise, and will keep His eye on us, in order to bring this prophecy in fulfillment, so that You will be glorified and the Kingdom of the Heavens be extended.

We also remind You now of all Your promises for us for 2010, and the future that lies ahead of us.

Let it come to fulfillment soon.


God Bless You