In the Fire



Since yesterday, the Holy Spirit has continuously been telling me, to submit myself to Him.  At first I thought that it might have been my imagination, as I submit myself to Him every morning during my devotions, and always before ministering to a soul.  It so happened this morning, during my devotions, that the Spirit told me to kneel down on the carpet, and to just be silent, He had something to share with me.  I did what I was told and immediately felt the anointing over me.

I had a vision in the moment thereafter in which I saw myself in a very bright tunnel of light.  In the vision I could see myself walking towards the extremely bright light which was at the end of the tunnel.  As I walked on, closer to the bright light, I heard the voice of the Spirit say unto me that the light is YHVH, THE ALL CONSUMING FIRE.

I felt peaceful and calm, although I had an urgency to get to Him.  I was at once closer to the fire and could no longer stay on my feet, I had to go down on my hands and knees and crawl the way further, I had to get to ABBA, even if it meant crawling all the way.  The next moment I was at His feet. I laid my arms on His knees and rested my head on my arms.  I have no idea how long I sat like that.  I could feel His hand on my head as He blessed me..

ABBA, at that time, told me that He was going to take me into higher places and that He would take with, those who would want to go with me.  He then gave me a huge, golden bowl, about the size of a lot.  I took the bowl with my right hand and saw that it contained manna.  Then He handed unto me a golden pitcher.  This I took with my left hand, I saw that it was filled with oil.

He then said the following words to me:


An incredible anointing rested upon me.  I was also instructed to read “Exodus 13“.  Verses 9 and 1 stood out for me.  In these verses, the “sign between the eyes and on the hands” bothered me a lot.

I phoned Grandma, our spiritual mother and mentor, and asked her what the meaning of it all was.  She explained that the bowl containing the manna, the ‘sign between the eyes’ is, and also that ABBA was busy revealing His Word to us, in a supernatural way. The sign in the hands, is the pitcher He has placed in my hand. It is the anointing that is now upon us, The Body. It is placed there in order for the Holy Spirit to work through us.

I could feel that there was an extra portion in it for me.  I’m very excited about it because I can feel that great things is to come and that it is very near.

May God bless you