The Bride / Body of Jesus Christ



The Holy Spirit works in such wonderful ways. Whilst I was busy with the prophecy of the economic collapse, the Lord said to me that there would be many who would not understand the words BRIDE and BODY, and that He was going to give me a task to help clarify it.  I went into a period of separation to hear what the Spirit of God wanted to share with me, and it follows hereafter.

He said unto me :  “Everything that appears in the Old Testament, is a mirror image of what appears in the New Testament.”

In the same way that God gave the first Adam a wife, God also determined that there needs to also be a wife for the second Adam. Through His Word, the Father prophesied a Bride for His Son. The whole Bible is full of this, especially Songs of Solomon and Revelation.  The Bride is a pure, holy and untainted body, not an Eve for whom the temptations of the world has started to look appealing. The Bride has died to the flesh and has left behind everything that was important to her, she lives and functions under the will of God and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  The Bride is no longer searching for what she wants, but for the will of the Father. The Bride stands under the ruling and control of the Groom.  She has given up her own personality, identity and her whole being, for her Groom.

Abraham was an example of the Father.  He has sent Eliezer (Holy Spirit) to fetch a Bride for His Son. The assignment was clear, that he had to fetch a woman from amongst the holy ones.  Read GENESIS 24. Towards the evening the servant girls came to draw water.  Rebecca, a sign of the Bride, carried her pitcher on her shoulder. The pitcher is the Rhema Word.  Not everybody has the Rhema Word.  The 2 fishes and five loaves of bread were only given to the 12, but one of them was false.   It was only given to the Bride.  There were many servant girls, but only one would be the Bride.  That is why a sign was asked, THE SERVANT GIRL WHO GIVES BOTH ME AND MY CAMELS WATER.  Not one of the other servant girls even noticed him, but continued going about their day as they were used to doing, and the emphasis is on USED TO DOING EVERY DAY.  This is the system.  It is they who function according to human rules and decrees, and who reject and ignore the work of the Spirit of God.  They are so caught up in their own things and the responsibilities they have been given, that they did not even notice Eliezer.  Only those who have died to themselves, can be part of the Bride, someone for whom the interests and needs of others have become more important than their own, in other words, servants.

Rebecca was prepared to serve a stranger first, she has put both, her family and her own interests, to the side in order to do this.  Rachel, Ruth and Esther were all allusions to the Bride of Christ.  Go read their stories again, how they placed other people´s needs and lack first and died to themselves.  They gave up everything that was important to them and chose to do what their Bridegroom instructed. That is why, if we do not place Jesus and His gospel of love and servitude first above all else that we have, even our loved ones, we are not worthy of Him.  If someone is commanded by the Holy Spirit and the person firstly works out if he/she can afford it and if it´s not going to cause him/her loss, such a person is in the flesh.

A member of the Body will execute the command, regardless of the cost, just because he/she does not want to sadden the Holy Spirit. LUKE 9:23-26, LUKE 9:46-48, LUKE 9:57-62 are amongst others of the many scriptures in the Word.

The Bride/Body is not looking for their own fame, honor or status.  A member is not more important or bigger than the Body, which is why the member must be subject to the rest of the Body.  If one member disagrees over something, and the rest of the Body is in agreement over the issue, the member should submit himself/herself to the Body.  The Bride/Body is prepared to serve in the most isolated and quiet areas of life. They are not looking for honor, fame or reward, for their reward is in the hereafter. The Bride and the Body is one, because “A MAN SHALL BE JOINED TO HIS WIFE, AND THE TWO SHALL BECOME ONE FLESH.”  That is why the Bride and the Body are one.

The Body is part of Christ – 1 CORINTHIANS 6:12-20.  We are in possession of the Body of Christ.  Nobody can join the Body, he/she has to be born into it. That is why we have a responsibility to the Father as to what we do with His Son´s Body.  The Body is the representation of Christ´s image.  If people look at the Body, they must see Jesus in it.

COLOSSIANS 1:18 says that Christ is the Head of the Body.  We are under His power and authority.  The Head makes the decisions and these are communicated to the various parts of the Body through the central nervous system [Holy Spirit].  There is no spiritual jealousy in the Body because everybody knows that they have a specific purpose and will be used as the Head determines.  Sometimes we are only a member that the Spirit uses to get a message to another member.  When there is sin in our lives, we are a blocked channel, and the message cannot pass through.  If we do not get the message, we are like the dried hand of the man.  Then we are only a burden to the Body.

John the Baptist was a type of the Body.  Herod, who was a type of the system and tradition, had John decapitated.  For many years the Head was separated from the Body and the Head was carried around on a platter.  The Body was decapitated and had no head. But Christ is once again busy taking back the Headship.  Everywhere the Body is busy standing up and coming into unity to take back their functions.  See LUKE 9:23-26, LUKE 9:57-62.

Then the Lord gave me EZEKIEL 47.  The dry bones is busy coming together, meat and sinews are coming together and the Body is going to stand up as a great and mighty army to expand the Kingdom of the heavens.

A man from Natal contacted me and offered to translate my writings.  This is exactly how the Body starts to function.  One no longer owns everything.  Everybody has a part to contribute.  Everybody must only do their part, and then we can start functioning as a unit.  The Body is Peter´s net.  Just like the man in Natal, whom I don´t know and have never had any contact with, God brings us together through His Son to form a unit and carry out the Gospel.  This is how the dry bones come together, form a unit and starts to function.  The members work together and support each other, so that the tasks can be completed.  It´s not about the members, but about the task, and our obedience will determine the measure of our loan.

In the millennium we are going to rule as kings or head men over ten, fifty, hundred or thousand. This is why there is a loan that we will receive. “YOU HAVE BEEN FAITHFUL WITH A FEW THINGS; I WILL PUT YOU IN CHARGE OF MANY THINGS”. The Body is going to rule over God´s creation for 1,000 years.  The connections we make are the knots in Peter´s net. This is where the strength of the net is, and as a unit we can bring in the 153 fish, which are the countries. The Body now realizes that it is not about “us” or “me”, but about the next soul.

We are servants who should confess the name of Jesus Christ, so that the Father may be glorified. The Body has the shape of a servant.  If there is unity in the Body, there is tremendous strength.  When I went into seclusion at the Body we were serving from in Walvisbay, the Lord allowed something to happen to the Body that I have never seen nor experienced before.  Satan placed one of his agents amongst us.

A woman came to be ministered to. We were compelled to accommodate her.  She spent 7 weeks in the Body, moving from one house to another.  Eventually God revealed her to us.  She had a very well planned strategy, and it was to cause division in the Body.  First she started separating the members and then she launched an attack with so many lies that we have never seen.  She executed her devious plans in the most impossible manner and methods.  She did her very best to destroy the unit.  But it is only the unity/accord/agreement of the Body that could overcome her.  She would have destroyed us if we were single members.

Then the Lord said to me that this was going to be satan’s tactic/fighting plan for the future.  He knows the Body has to bring in the harvest, and he realizes the power in the Body when it functions as a unit. That is why he will do everything in his power to destroy the unity.  It is a warning to all who serves from the Body, BE CAREFUL, he is going to attack the unity.  Because we do deliverance, we deal with the deviousness of evil on a daily basis, but we have never seen anything like this. We must guard and pray more than ever before, and support and help carry each other.

The Body is also prepared to walk the next mile with the needy, and give them whatever is needed.  Possessions and human fame and honor does not impress the Body anymore.  I have also been in churches where nobody else, other than the pastor and his wife, are allowed to pray, prophesy, bring word or give explanation of a word. This is so far from the truth as the satan himself.  We don´t own the gifts of the Spirit. The gifts belong to the Holy Spirit, and the Spirit gives the gifts as He pleases. That is why the Body has to be ready at all times to be used by the Spirit.

There is no such thing that you have to be prayed in. That is an old wives tale that I have heard from my childhood. Those who are in the Body only have to do one thing, and that is to be pure and holy at all times, so that they can be a channel for the Holy Spirit to work through, because the Spirit cannot work through a contaminated channel.  The Word is clear about it that the same fountain cannot produce both sweet and bitter water.

The Holy Spirit has used us in the most unexpected places and times.  One day we walked into a business in Walvisbay. There were three of us, and we definitely had not plan to minister or serve anybody, but the Spirit had other plans.  He firstly showed us a man who had a spirit of fear, and it was not long before everybody was lying flat on the ground. The people were staring at us through the windows, too scared to enter. We were the channels through which God could work at that time, because everybody had to be served and ministered to on that day.

The 2 fishes are symbolic of our justification and sanctification. The 5 breads are symbolic of the five-fold ministry [FFM].  We have heard people miss the point with this many a time.  People quickly and eagerly apportion the five-fold ministry [FFM] to themselves, but if you look at their ministry, it is just the opposite.  Where the FFM functions, the sanctified are equipped for the service to the continued growth of the body of Jesus Christ – EPHESIANS 4:11-16.  Not everybody is a bearer of the Bread of Life.  It was only given to ten [two had fish] and one was false.  This is why every Book in the New Testament warns us against false teachers and false prophets.  Nowhere are we warned against a satanic meeting, but the children of God are always in fasting and prayer when the Satanists gather together.  We must not fear them, but we must be careful of Judas.  He is between us and he also gives out “bread”.  We could probably all write a book or more about this, because everybody who has done something for the Kingdom would have dealt with Judas at some point.  Judas is going to come in between us, and we must be cautious and watchful.

Finally, the Body of Christ is alive and has risen. The head cloth that has covered the 5 senses, has been rolled up. The flesh no longer plays a role in the Body, but only the Will of the Father.  Rebecca was prepared to give up her whole house and everything she was used to and depended upon, to become a bride for Isaac.  But the bridal veil covers her now.  Not everybody is going to be part of the Bride.  “MANY ARE CALLED, BUT FEW IS CHOSEN -“

MATTHEW 22:14. She will only be revealed at the appearance of the Son.  It would be good to make an intense study of the prophetic reason.

In the meantime we have to carry out our task and fulfill our purpose to make disciples.  To fulfill this purpose we have to be free of any systems or man-made traditions or any such things, but be under the guidance of the Holy Spirit so that He can teach and guide us on the road that we must go, and advise us and keep His eye over us. PSALM 32:8

Ezekiel 47 teaches us about the different stages of spiritual growth that we have to undergo, so that we can become trees that are anchored by the stream of life that flows from the throne of God.  The water is our food to produce fruit, which will feed the nations, and our leaves [hands] are to heal the people.  If we don´t bear any fruit, the Gardener will cut us out, and throw us into the fire, even if our leaves are beautiful, we will still be cursed by Him, because then it has all been about ourselves only and not about being a servant of God.

He is looking for servants, like His Son, and not those who are chasing fame and honor and want to be seen and recognized by others. Those who chase fame and honor will be like Jezebel who did not want to stand under Ahab´s government.  The Body now has a function to perform, and we cannot allow the daily things to become more important than our function.  We have to bring in the harvest, and it is going to be hard work.  The sooner the Body starts to function as a unit, the quicker the harvest can be gathered, and the sooner our Lord will come to fetch us.

The Lord bless you