Vision of Blood Sacrifice



One day, whilst I was busy praising the power and greatness of the Blood of Jesus in my heart, the Father asked me if I wanted to see what happened when Jesus sacrificed His blood on the heavenly altar.

Moments later I had a feeling of being in heaven.

I saw Jesus coming through the Heavenly Gates.  It felt like I was moving with Him the entire time.  I saw that He was carrying His own Blood, in His hands.  He slowly walked forward.  On either sides of Him, I could see rows and rows of angels, it more or less had the same effect of crowds of people standing on a pavilion, only in this case angels, not humans.  I could see no end to the rows of angels …

Right before me, as I was moving forward with Jesus, I could see the Father, sitting on the Great White Throne.  I saw Jesus move past the rows of angels, and as He moved past them, I could see every angel bowing down on one knee.  I also saw the Father rise from the throne with a smile on His face, as He rhythmically clapped His hands.  Jesus walked up to the Father, bent down on one knee before Him, and with His head lowered, He presented His Blood to the Father.  He offered His Blood to the Father, in order for the Father to bless it.

I saw the Father bringing forth His hand, place it on top of Jesus’ hands blessing the Blood Sacrifice.  I saw the angels rise, they worshiped and praised God.  After the Blood was blessed by the Father, I saw Jesus get up, and walk to the altar, which was some distance away from him.

Sudden silence reigned.

Jesus came to a halt before the altar, took His Blood and began pouring it over the altar.  Thunder and lightning-rays came from the Throne.  All the angels worshiped God the Father, and Jesus.  I could see flames everywhere, except on the altar.  As I was looking at the altar, I could see names of people, instead of smoke, rising from the altar.  It had taken on the effect of a scroll.  The scroll started moving in the direction of the Father.  I could see the scroll passing by the Father’s face, He read the names on the scroll Himself, every one individually.  The end of the scroll started to move past Him and when He read the last name on it, He said: “AMEN” “So Be It”

Jesus walked back in the direction of the Father and again kneeled down before Him.  The Father stretched out His hand, laid it on Jesus’ head and blessed Him.  Then He said to Jesus go back and show Yourself to the people, that they can know that You have risen and defeated satan.”

I was completely overwhelmed with the anointing of God’s Spirit after I had this vision, so much so that I had to cling to a wall for about a half an hour afterwards.  The experience I had in heaven was way too big to immediately share with my wife, I was only able to do so after about 2 hours.

I pray that you will experience the same anointing as you read and believe these words.


The Lord bless you