Vision of The Fields



One morning during my quiet time with God, I had the following vision, with the instruction to share it.

We all know that we are living in the last moments of time. JESUS IS COMING SOON, will you then be going with?

You have received Life from GOD, it´s your responsibility. If you can give it back, its only one talent that you can return. What about those that have been assigned to be saved, taught and educated by you for the Kingdom of heaven.   If you ignore this letter, it will stand as a testimony against you one day in the day of judgment of a living God.

Remember : Jesus saved you because he considered you worthy enough to share His Gospel.

The owner of a piece of ground, prepared a beautiful field which would be used for planting. He called his laborer to plant seeds and maintain the field till such time as the harvest was ready. Then the owner would come harvest it himself. He supplied his laborer with all the implements and seed he would require.

The laborer then planted, and after a couple of days the seeds came up. It was good and beautiful. The laborer then continued with some personal things. He kept an eye on the fields from a distance.   A couple of days later the laborer went to take a closer look to see how the field was growing. As he approached it, he saw that it was a lush field of young, green plants.

When he reached the edge of the field, he saw a tiny weed that was busy growing. Because he wasn´t expecting it (watching and praying), he had no implements (Word and Holy Spirit) with him to remove it.  He went home to fetch some implements of his choice. When he arrived back at the weed with his implements of choice, he realized that it was too small for the weed.

Then he returned to fetch bigger and better implements to remove the weed.  Every time he approached the weed, the fields looked greener and more beautiful.  So it continued, and the weed (satan and sin) continued to grow and flourish, and it took up all the laborer´s time.   When the crop was ready to harvest, the owner unexpectedly arrived. He asked the laborer what the crop looked like.  The laborer replied that it looked beautiful from a distance, but that he has been struggling with the weed for some time, which has grown into a huge thorn tree, which he was still battling with.

“You should have used the biggest and strongest equipment from the start, and not underestimated the power of the weed. If you had done it this way, you would have had time to take care of the rest of the harvest.” – the owner said. Then they went to harvest the crop.  When they got to the fields, they discovered that there was no harvest. The “beautiful green” that the laborer had seen, was weeds that had strangled the seed.  The weed that the laborer had been focused on took up so much of his time, that he never realized that weeds had taken over the entire harvest.

Satan succeeded in convincing him that the crop was good.

The Lord is asking you the following question:
1. Have you become a laborer for Jesus? If not, confess your sins and make Jesus your Saviour now, and become His laborer.
2. If yes, has your fields been planted?  Remember, you are now the laborer. In the life hereafter you will receive your wages and increased status.
3. Everybody has a ministry. Your home is now your first ministry, thereafter others. Your house needs to be in order first. If your house is in order, you can reach out to other homes. Ask the Holy Spirit to search the lives of your whole house and get it right. BE CAREFUL for the lies of the wicked, let the Holy Spirit search deep and cut where necessary – there is no other way.
4. Do you know the difference between seed and weeds? Don´t believe anything that is not in the true Word of God. We are living in the last days, and the Word of God tells us that there will be many false prophets, words and teachings. Guard and pray.
5. Are you using the right equipment, love, to admonish and rout out sin immediately, or are you struggling to deal with it in your own “human” way without hurting people or chasing them away from church? Be careful, such people are not sincere in serving the Lord, they only want the comfort of the church. Such people will cost you your salvation.

Jesus wants all of yourself, not half. He wants to be the owner, not a shareholder, in your life. Break completely with sin, there is no other way. People love to quote Hosea 4:6 that says: “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”, but unfortunately that’s where they stop.  Go finish reading the whole verse and sentence “because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children”.

It is your duty to take care of the territory God has entrusted you with. You were considered worthy to look after every piece of land. We will each be accountable for our own land and crops when Jesus returns.

Father, I ask You in the Name of Your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, that You will use the Holy Spirit to work in the hearts of everybody who reads this letter and that Your purpose will be fulfilled.  Use everybody to spread the letter, and if possible, translate it, put it on the internet so that we can all continue to work for Jesus until He comes to fetch us and we can give the best harvests to Him.

The Lord bless you for your labor

A laborer for JESUS.