Vision of The Roads


A vision in which I saw many roads stretching out before me ..

 A name was written on each road:

  • My own will
  • My husband’s / wife’s will
  • My employer’s will
  • My child’s will
  • The will of Alcohol
  • The will of Lies, etc.

Then the Lord told to me that the roads, is the roads of the world and of life.  I could see that the roads were aimless roads, that they led to nowhere ..

I then saw another road stretched out before me.  I got the feeling that this road, is the only road that would lead somewhere, a road with a destination.  The road was narrow and not easy to travel on.  On this road, a name was also written: “God’s Will”.

The next moment I saw hanging bags, more or less a hundred yards apart from each other.  I then asked the Father to reveal to me the meaning of the vision I had.

He then said the following unto me:

”To live in My will, is how I’ve planned it for man from the foundation of the earth.  Satan came along and copied everything I made.  So he made many other roads that’s easy to travel on and looks right to man.  But it is only when you are travelling on My road that you’ll be able to see the others are wrong.  The bags are full of everything that I have packed for you of what you’ll need to get to the next bag.   Because I created the beginning from the end, and have already passed the end, I know exactly what you need to get to the next bag.  You will not be short of anything.”

The Father then said something very precious to me:

 “This is the only road where you will find Me on.  If you are hungry, I am there to feed you.  If you are hurt, I am there to take away the pain, when you fall, I am there to help you up.  In difficult situations I am there to carry you.  If your feet are hurting from all the walking, a feeling that you cannot go any further, and it feels as if everything and everyone has abandoned you, I am there to pick you up and hold you close to Me, so that you can again, feel the beating of My Father’s heart.  I considered every person so faithful that I entrusted them with their own will, in order for them to choose the road they want to walk on.  It is everyone’s own choice”.

After all that, I fell to my knees and totally surrendered myself to God’s will.  I submit myself to His will every day so that I can resist the devil, and he will flee from me.  I also know that, whatever happens to me during each day, God never will allow myself to be tempted beyond my own powers.  Not a hair will fall from my head, if it is not His will, whatever happens to me, happens for the good of myself.

I praise the name of Jesus for the precious relationship that we can share with Him.


The Lord bless you