WORD FOR 2011

On 13 December 2010, whilst I was busy praying for a word for 2011, I saw blood, lots of blood.  I asked our Father what it meant.  It’s been a long time since I’ve had such a speedy answer:

The Holy Spirit said unto me that it was time for the judgement of God.  Jesus was going to cleanse the temple, and there was going to be a lot of blood.  All filthiness, uncleanliness, impurity and everything that is not to God’s glory and honor, was going to be removed.  Impurities will no longer be able to pass through the temple, just like Jesus did not allow anybody to take anything through the temple.

Mark 11:16And He would not permit anyone to carry any household equipment through the temple enclosure [thus making the temple area a short-cut traffic lane]”.

A great division is coming, but the righteous will live in faith.

I received two scriptures:   Romans 2:17-29, Isaiah 63:1-6.

On 14 December 2010 the Holy Spirit said unto me that 2011 was going to be a watershed year where the 10 virgins were to be separated.  The 10 virgins have been walking together for too long and the difference between them could not be seen.  That is why people are so confused.  They don’t know the difference between what’s right and what’s wrong, the system or the Body of Christ.  The virgins all look the same at first glance, but the source of their oil is what makes the difference.  The separation of the virgins is coming in 2011.

On 15 December 2010 I received Romans 9:9-13.

The Holy Spirit then said to me that both Jacob and Esau were born out of the covenant.  God gave Esau a fair chance by giving him the firstborn right.  But then he exchanged it for a pot of soup.  The so called Church of Christ, that have become the system, had a fair and reasonable chance that God had given unto them, but they have exchanged it for the things of the world, for status and they have become people centered.  The Holy Spirit no longer has a place there.

That is why the task and the anointing have been transferred to the Body.  The separation came with the pot of soup.

On 16 December 2010 the Holy Spirit gave me Malachi 3:18, and He said that it was what we were going to see in 2011.

God bless you