Word For 2013

The following WORD FOR 2013 was received by Grandma Geraldine on old year’s eve:

The scriptures we received were Jeremiah 30 and 31; Proverbs 31; Joshua 3; and Exodus 9:5.

2013 is going to be the year of separation.  God is going to clean His house.  The process will start in the House of the Lord.  For those who have learned and started living in faith and trusting in God, it will be an easy year, but for those who still trust in the flesh and the things of the world, it is going to be a very difficult and distressing year.

There’s going to be great separations, from government levels, business levels and churches down to the lowest levels.  Many people, who have been functioning outside of the will of God, will be removed and they will never be heard of again.  God Himself will be revealing all injustice that the children of God have been doing in secret, in order for the Body to be cleansed and purified.

No secret will remain hidden.

The Body of Christ will be known by their fruits, that they died in Christ and that they are doing the Will of God.  The fruit of Joshua & Caleb was proof that they had been to the other side of the Jordan, and that they completely believed and trusted in God alone to fulfill their task.  Only thereafter were they able to take their brothers through – they were the bridge for God’s people.  The time for greater works is now at hand, and only those who are led by the Spirit, will be privileged to fulfill these tasks.

God has also cautioned that we should move very carefully in 2013, make no long-term plans and slowly walk step by step.  We must ALWAYS stay under the BLOOD of JESUS, because satan is definitely not happy with what the Body of Christ must achieve in 2013, and the attacks on Johan and also Eleanor’s lives early in this year bear testimony to this.  It is definitely not going to be an easy year, but for those like Joshua & Caleb, who trust in God and believe in Him, they will enjoy the fruits of the land.  They will soar with the wings of an eagle and reign over their circumstances, as the Spirit of God will lead them where they need to go.

God Bless You

Gert & Eleonor du Plessis (Okahandja)