Word For 2015

The Word which God gave us for 2015, on 1 January 2015, was that the manna had stopped, and we will be eating from the fruits of our harvests in the New Year.  The Lord showed me that the people with seed in the ground will be the ones who will be moving forward in the Spirit, it’s not just with their finances,  but also their ministry and their involvement in the gospel, etc..

But the people who have been stagnating for years and have not built up a living relationship with God, will be separated from the rest.  There is a distinct process of separation that is coming.  We are already in the process of the separation of the virgins, and the difference is the anointing.  The Lord showed me that even though cream is heavier than milk, it floats on the top, and it’s not because the cream is anything else but dairy, it’s because of the fat in the cream, the fat is what makes it float on top.  God is going to raise up His anointed ones globally and place them in positions they have never occupied before.

The Lord also showed me that judgement is coming.  I had a dream about a woman telling me that the prophet has to anoint his eyes seven times.  I believe that the seven times indicates a period of seven years, the blueprint for the next seven years, that the prophetic is the mouthpiece of God and that God is going to use the prophets and the prophetic to speak to the people and those who listen to the prophetic Word of God will be those who will move forward.

Tremendous judgement is coming in the next seven years, businesses will go bankrupt, countries are going to go bankrupt, industries are going to go bankrupt, those who have not lived according to Kingdom principles are going to fall and be smashed to pieces.  But those who have lived according to Kingdom principles and have sown in fertile ground and who have been living according to the principles of Scripture, also those who had contact with Israel and shares a connection with Israel, are going to rise up.

Israel is going to play a very important role in the next seven years, in world politics and in the spiritual realm.  The countries and people who have supported and aligned themselves with Israel are the ones who are going to triumph and function victoriously, but those who turned against Israel will see God’s judgment.

Those people who continue to live in the flesh and seek to realize their own dreams and desires, are going to fall behind along the way.  It is now absolutely about the Body and the functioning of the Body under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and actively seek God’s dreams, will, visions and desires.  So those people who don’t know where their place is in the Body are going to have a very difficult time to fill the place they were called to fill as time is running out fast.

I believe we are in the time of the separation of the virgins, and we are going to see this separation of the milk and the cream in the Body take place across the world in the next seven years.

God Bless

Gert & Eleonor du Plessis