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Hello everyone,

We are excited to announce that Mount Zion Ministries will be offering tours to Israel in 2015.  These Tours will generally take place in November, as the climate is beautiful at this time of year and tourist attractions also seem to be less busy.

We’re currently offering 2 x 10-Day Tours and 1 x 14-Day Tour.

Tour 1, of the 10-Day Tour, is for people who have never been to Israel and will therefor be visiting it for the first time.

Tour 2, of the 10-Day Tour, is for people who have already been to Israel and will therefor be visiting it for a second time.

The 14-Day Tour is for people who would like to take part in the tour and also have a couple of days extra to personally experience Jerusalem and surrounding areas.

There is also another tour in the pipeline that will be of particular interest to farmers.  Various farms and kibbutzes will be visited and we will also be making use of their overnight facilities, this however is still in the planning stages for the future.  Certain arrangements need to be concluded first regarding this matter.

We can also arrange tours and accommodation during various festive seasons.  We are planning to do such a tour over Easter, it will however only depend on the demand of the public.

Our tours will be spiritual tours which are connected to the physical.  I have seen that it is possible to miss the entire Israel if you are not spiritually focused and inclined.  That is why our groups will unfortunately not be larger than 8 people at a time.  It’s less rushed and people are better served when the groups are small and intimate.

Our main base during these tours will be in Jerusalem with Hebzibah and Gunther Brauer.  Hebzibah is a world renowned prophet and carries a great anointing.  Gunther in turn is a born tour leader who knows both the history and the county Israel like the palm of his hand.  I am always amazed at just how perfectly the Spirit guides him to minister and serve the people on these tours.  They are wonderful, Afrikaans speaking people who have the love of the Lord in and on their lives as well as a great love for Israel.

The tour program and costs in regard, are available upon request.  Please feel free to contact us via email / phone for further information.

Greetings in the name of Christ & blessings

Gert & Eleonor du Plessis