Personal Involvement



Hello everyone,

I firstly want to make it very clear that this is not a begging letter and I want to emphasize that there is no lack of anything in Mount Zion Ministries.

Today I can declare before every living being in the universe that God has always been faithful and faithfully provides in all respects and at all levels.  We don’t have too many, but are never short of anything.  Rather, God cares so well for us that we can give to others, as recent reports indicate.  Where God is going to take this ministry, I do not know, because we are going to need more members in the Body around us than before.  I feel that a major breakthroughs is at the door.

The feeling is, after many inquiries, to give everyone the opportunity to personally engage in the Kingdom of God.  Since we have sent out reports, several people inquired about how they could get involved in Mount Zion Ministries (MZM).  I’ve laid it before the Lord, and received an answer from Him that I’d like to share with everyone.

Everyone is not as privileged as we are to be fighting in the front line and because it’s just been me and Eleonor in the front line of this ministry, there’s been times in the past where it’s really been very hard and difficult.  But through the years, the Lord has sent us precious people to surround us, to sharpen our spears also to provide water and food and to place the correct weapons in our hands.  For this we praise the Lord.  We’ve always received everything we needed to perform every task perfectly for Him.  But now the Lord wants more people to get involved in MZM.

The Scripture I’ve received, is the parable where Jesus spoke about the workers who stood idle in the marketplace.

(Matthew 20)

The Scripture must be understood very well.  Despite the fact that the workers started working at different times, they all received the same wage.  God does not share the original wage with all, His reward is unlimited and fair.  What the Spirit is trying to say is that everyone who wants to get involved in MZM in the future, will one day receive exactly the same reward as Eleonor and I, who started the ministry.

The task imposed does not determine the wage, it’s obedience that determines it.  My best advice to everyone is to lay the matter before the Lord and ask Him whether it is in His will that you should get involved in MZM.  If thou wilt evaluate thy seed, which God has placed in your hands, how many crops will you one day receive accordingly?  Have you sown, that which you have sowed, in fertile soil prepared by God, or based on emotion or flesh?  If you feel that the Spirit doesn’t want you to get involved in MZM, you don’t need to read any further.  Then we believe it’s God’s will, but I would like to ask that you will pray and ask the Lord where you should get involved, if you are not already involved somewhere in His Kingdom.  Engage somewhere in His kingdom, time is running out and opportunities are passing by.



It is a sign that you want to get involved because of the fact that you kept on reading.  Therefor that I have decided to elaborate a bit more about our operations.  I would firstly like to say that everyone already involved in MZM, is placed under the protective cover (covering) of MZM, the person, as well as all that God has placed in his / her hands.

(Please just remember that all our services are free. We NEVER take any collections or offerings. Everything we give and distribute is free, such as Bibles, clothes and food etc..)

 We also cover our own travel expenses, as well as our accommodation and meals if needed, that is if we should have to travel. We carry all our costs ourselves, because we are provided of all by God whom in return, uses His servants to provide for us.

1.  We are involved in Liberation and Counseling Ministries

2.  We teach people about the Spiritual World and how to stay in control of what God has placed in their hands – also the reason we’re offering a course subject to this matter.

3.  We have Telephone counseling service, which as far as possible, is manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, situated in             Namibia.

4.  We’ve got a Intercession Team for people requesting prayers, which is asked only in God’s will. They also pray for us as we go out and they are the ones that stays with the baggage.

5.  We also serve in conferences and speak on Men-, Women- and Couples Events.

6.  We strengthen the “Precursors” whom from time to time grew tired and weary along the way.

7.  We serve in churches and teach people how to live freely and in victory.

8.  We provide food, clothes and other needs to Orphanages.

9.  We do Outreaches to poor and remote areas in order to bring the Word to people in distant areas.  We also provide things like food, Bibles, spiritual literature, blankets, clothes, etc., to them.  Our goal is to do a bit more than the usual, so that Christ’s love for people can be proven through it.

10.  We are already planning sequels to outreaches for next year and will also complete the “BIBLES FOR AFRICA” project in 2014, wherein we, in the past, distributed more or less 600 Bibles in Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana, we also serve them with the Word.

11.  We also serve people in hospitals and retirement homes on request.

Please now allow me to now quickly share the following testimonies:

1st Testimony:

About a year ago or so, we visited a town in order to help a certain someone. It so happened that a certain person has heard about us and asked us to please visit an old aunt in a nursing home, she has broken both her hips and has been lying flat on her back with severe pain for months.

We had to go through a dining hall to get to her.  All the other elderly people were busy eating.  When we walked into the old lady’s room, we noticed that she was lying flat, struggling to eat, she was unable to reach her plate of food.  We greeted her and in short, she told us that she had her hip replaced the previous year in a state hospital in Windhoek.  Sadly, it still ached much and soon afterwards she also broke her other hip.  She’s been lying like that for six months, waiting for an available place in the hospital.

The Lord showed me that her condition was the way it was because of her un-forgiveness to one of her sons.  I accompanied her in prayer in which she tearfully confessed and acquitted him.  We anointed her hips and prayed for healing.

When we later rode out the gates of the old age home, we saw the old lady walking into the dining hall carrying a plate of food, perfectly healed and without pain.

2nd Testimony:

On another occasion, myself and a friend of ours, were asked to help another old lady in a nursing home, she was supposedly demon possessed.  In short, the Lord transformed me that day into the form of her husband.

With tears and deep sorrow she was able to fix and declare her sincere love for her “husband”.  At one point she very indignantly asked the sister why she never told her that her “husband” was visiting, she would have liked to have worn her special red dress for him.

Of course it all involved a great vale of tears.

The history regarding, is that she and her husband used to farm.  Then one day, a heated argument flamed up between them.  It caused her husband to rush out the door, jump in his truck, drove of and then sadly, died in an accident.  This deeply troubled her throughout her entire life.  It’s probably been 35 years afterwards that God has sent us in order to help her.  The Almighty changed me into her husband’s form and she therefor could fix her case with him.

I know we are never allowed to count the folk, but through the glory of God, I just want to mention that MZM literally serve thousands of people annually with the Bread of Life.

People, Jesus needs us and who will go if we won’t go?   The work is too much for me and Eleonor alone.   We need people across the country to help us as people everywhere are crying for help.  We have recently again received a truck load of old clothes that we had to transport from Edenvale to a poor settlement in the Vereeniging area.  It took a few weeks before we were able to find someone who was able to help with the distribution of it.

Apart from everything already mentioned, we’re involved in much more things, we’re also helping people with serious mental health problems, such as “witchcraft”, etc..  We’re involved in some Kruiskyk-recordings where we performed special orders from the Father.  But that’s enough said.

If you feel that you would like to get involved in any projects, feel free to contact me at any time.  It would be a great honor to see teams operate the assignments that the Father has given us across the country.

I would lastly like to ask that if you want to financially contribute to a specific assignment, such as children’s homes, loans, food, Bibles for Africa, etc., that you’ll please indicate it as such in the reference column.  The funds will therefore then be used where necessary.

We would like to once again make it clear that we’re sending this letter because people do not always have the opportunity to personally become involved in projects as they would prefer.  It’s like one certain family said with the report about Aroab, they realized that they were not in the place where God wanted them and they wanted to return to His will and engage in God’s work.

This is your opportunity to get involved in MZM (Mount Zion Ministries).

MZM always has room for another, we realize it’s not about us, but about the next soul who needs Jesus and are crying out to Him, we can only achieve this with the helping hands of our brothers and sisters.

God bless all of you.

Love and Greetings in Christ

Gert & Eleonor