Uncertainty Regarding The Body/Bride Of Christ


Hi all,

I greet you in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

So many people have recently contacted me regarding the letters that I’ve sent out in the past. Many questions were asked, I prayed about it and the Holy Spirit instructed me to write the following:

I believe there is much uncertainty around the Body/Bride of Christ and the role of the Body, also what we as humans were created for.  Why did God not make us heavenly beings as we will become someday? Are we all saved and all chosen, etc.? You can be certain that you will receive answers to your questions, as the Spirit reveals it to each one of us.

The Lord speaks to me in very simple ways, in which I will in return, share with you, it’s a simple and easy to understand gospel, even children can understand it.  The Word must be revealed by the Spirit and be lived out and believed by our spirits and not be argued about within our minds.

I trust that many questions will be answered in this document.  I would also like to ask those who already know these things, to please bear with me for the sake of those who do not know these things and I thank you for your tolerance.

Why has God made man?

God has made man to rule.  I also believe that man, Adam, had to rule over all creation (someday we will again rule over all creation), but with the fall, his government-ship was limited on the earth, and he had to work the earth.  That is why man is so obsessed with space. He always wants to know what is beyond.

Could it be that God originally created man, in order for man to govern over His creation?

It’s just a question, but let’s stick to earth.  It is clear that we, humans, must cultivate and rule over the earth. God made each of us in His image; we have a spirit that can communicate with His Spirit. Therefore that the fact to be reborn is so vital. (Those who do not understand how to be reborn can contact me, and I will gladly shed light on this topic).  God gave each one who ever walked, or who will still walk the earth, a purpose. He has already planned this purpose for each of us, even before the foundation of the earth. We were each given a task on earth to fulfill, and everything has already been given to us, whatever we may need, to accomplish and bring it to fulfillment.  Everyone’s purpose differs from another.  There is not one man on earth, who has the same task as another. God is a Creator, not an imitator. His plans will never come to an end, He is a Creator of plans, ways, methods and goals.

Why are we living on the earth?

There is only one conclusion, and that is that God gave man a perfect chance, but man failed, so God couldn’t just trust man with anything anymore. This life on earth is just a test to see with what we can be trusted and with what we are reliable, also with what we will someday be trusted.  Now you might think that it is unreasonable of God to put us on earth in order for us to live out our purpose, while we have no idea of how and what it is. No, that’s not how God is. He is a good, loving, merciful God, who wants to help us in every level of our lives, in order for us to live out our perfect creative purposes. Allow me explain it to you in a very simple way.

Let’s say for instance that we were all bakers, and that God made each one of us with the purpose of baking Him a cake. No one knows how his or her cake will look, as we said, no one person is the same.  Everyone is different. How will we then be able to bake these cakes? God has already entrusted us with everything in life we’ll need in order to bake them.  God has also provided the ingredients that we need. God will never leave you up to your own mercy.  He has also given us a Recipe Book whereby we must bake these cakes, namely His Word. His Word contains an inexhaustible source of information. (There are 7 x 7 explanations for each comment in the Word).  Yet God didn’t just leave us there. He also gave us, as Helper, the best and most skilled Cake Chef in the whole universe, namely the Holy Spirit.  The “Chef” gives us instructions on the path we should go. He gives us His advice and also keeps His eye on us.


But there is one thing that stands in the way to this goal, and his name is satan. He cannot (to most children of God) do anything about their salvation, (because the Spirit helps us to have a real relationship with the Father), but he can do something about our inheritance.  You see, our inheritance and reward is not for this life. Everything that was placed in our hands is the ingredients we need to use for the cakes we need to bake for God.  Our cakes (lives) will also one day be judged. We are saved by grace, and we all received everything we need to bake a perfect cake as He had planned for our lives, and that is where God’s duty stops towards us.  We were then given a choice whether we will trust Him to help us to bake a perfect cake, as we have no idea how it should look like, or,  we can try to bake it by ourselves.

Satan reminds people that they work hard and deserve everything they gather, like a man once told me, “God gave me the gift to be a very good businessman to gather up so that my family and I can enjoy a prosperous life on earth.”  How wrong! We were given a life, together with everything we have, in order to achieve our purpose. This applies to believer and unbeliever.  That is why nobody would be able to blame God. He remains faithful, even if we are unfaithful. He continues to give everyone everything they need, each day, for their creative purpose.  Take a look around you at how people go about living their lives, some live as if they will live forever with what they have, and some live as if they have already received their inheritance.  The righteous’ inheritance is meant for the eternity here-after, it is not meant for here and now.  Some people even devour their ingredients, we all will, someday soon, stand before God and what will our cakes look like when that day comes? It will be the outcome of our cakes that one day will determine our eternal inheritance.

What will our inheritance look like?

Those who lived outside God’s will, will one day end up with flops.  Some ate all their ingredients, and they will only end up with a little raw flour, baking powder or salt, others again will have nothing.  Go read for yourself what horrible words people will have to hear when they one day have to stand before God and give account to the things He has placed in their hands.  Those who lived in God’s will, who was taught by His Spirit and was led to do God’s will, will have the most perfect cakes that the universe has ever seen.  These words will be said unto them:  “Well done, good and faithful servant, you have been faithful over little, but I will appoint you over much.”  In other words, what we have received in this life, counts little against our inheritance we will one day receive. I would now, on this basis, like to make a simple calculation, as an idea about what the righteous will inherit one day:.

There are, according to the wise men, currently 5 billion (5 000 000 000), people on earth.  There are also, according to them, in our present generation, 150 billion (150 000 000 000) stars in our galaxy.  There are 100 billion (100 000 000 000) galaxies and the universe is increasing with every second at the speed of light.

Now how many stars / planets are there in the universe?

150 000 000 000 (150 billion) stars  X  100 000 000 000 (100 billion) galaxies  =  15 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 stars or planets.  Now suppose all people on earth will be saved, (which will surely not be the case according to the Word) but to make the calculation easy, let’s say ‘what if’.  The sum will then be as follows – that is if the new heavens and new earth has the same amount of heavenly bodies as the old:–

15 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 celestial bodies divided by 5 000 000 000 (five billion) people  =  3 000 000 000 000 (3 trillion) celestial bodies per person, to see to and to govern.

And we think our inheritance is this side of eternity.  How blind did satan make us?  Just for interest sake, a trillion seconds is 36 000 years. If you stay on each planet for an hour, it will take you 3 000 000 000 000 hours to get to each one.  Calculated in human days, it will be 125 000 000 000 days, ie 342 465 750 years (the smart guys can correct me on this if I am wrong).  And all along we thought that (if we are lucky) 70 years on this the earth will be our inheritance.  If that is the case, how have we done so far?

People, what is the Spirit of God trying to tell us?

Only this;

We all have a creative purpose which we need to live out for our Father, to determine how we trust and believe in Him. We can only do it if we allow His Spirit to teach us how to live, according to His Word.  Our human flesh and emotions needs to be taken out of the way. We cannot trust in people in order to live out our purpose.  Our intimate close relationship with the Father, of all, is the most important in our lives. That’s where we get to know His will and heart beat for our lives. To be in His will, must be the most important desire of our lives.

The question now is, how did we do until now?  If you are sure you are in God’s perfect will, His Spirit being in control of your life, then beautiful, keep at it.  If you have failed so far, you now have a chance to repent and ask God for forgiveness. Ask the Father to take over and handle your entire life.

If you need further help and advice on this, please feel free to contact me.

Yours in Christ,

Gert du Plessis