Why Are We Not Blessed?



The Spirit instructed me to write this teaching because there is so much ignorance and uncertainty surrounding this topic, and people often approach me because they are struggling and suffering financially.

So let’s start at the beginning.

We only have to look around us to see that things are not working out as God has promised in His Word.

The questions now are:

Why not?

Where is the problem?

Is something wrong?

Things are out of place somewhere, why?

In my personal opinion and according to God’s Word, God has always been the same.  He will stay the same today and to all eternity.  He cannot change and He cannot work against His own Word.  His plan for the universe and His creation will never change.  Thus we are left with only one guilty party in this entire situation, namely us, the humans.

God has placed us in a governing position.

But where did things go wrong then?

We have been taught erroneously; we have never done what God’s Word commands us to do and we have started to take shortcuts.

I’m going to discuss this teaching according to the following questions:

1  –  What is an offering?

2  –  Why should we give God offerings?

3  –  What kind of offerings should we give?

4  –  Where should we give God’s offerings?

5  –  What is the result of obedience regarding God’s offerings?



Before we proceed, I would just like to clarify that a sacrifice and a gift are two completely different things.

For example:


a)  is something that we can afford and cheerfully give to someone;

b)  does not really have a big impact in a person’s life, you give something you can afford and that won’t leave a hole in your pocket;

c)  is not something that will incur a great cost; it’s something you can afford to give;

d)  will NEVER be the best you can give;

e)  reveals your feelings, your soul dimension and it is something that comes from your hands;


a)  is something that is required from you that you cannot afford;

b)  is something important which you value, and usually really need;

c)  ALWAYS hurts to give, it is accompanied by blood and will leave behind a wound in your life;

d)  leaves you feeling raw and hurting;

e)  comes from your heart and also testifies of your heart;

f)  is a testimony of what is going on inside your heart;

g)  speaks of how your heart feels about the situation;

h)  MUST ALWAYS be the best you can give;

There will never be a blessing on an offering that doesn’t come from the heart.  We shouldn’t give in order to receive.  We should give because we really want to and because we love God.  God has never given us the second best of anything, we receive the best from His hands daily, new power, new strength, new wisdom, new everything!

His storehouse has nothing in it that’s old and second-hand.  He is the perfect example for us.  God expects the best from us.  He has NEVER been delighted in a flawed or a scanty offering.  In fact, He HATES it.  He always wants our best because He gave us His best and still gives His best to us every day.  Just think how you would feel if you gave someone a very expensive and precious gift for his/her birthday and on your birthday he/she gave you a trashy, second-hand gift.  You would feel anything but pleased about it.


Let’s start by speaking correctly.

Whose offerings is it really?

God says in Psalm 8 that He has placed His works in our hands.

We have not earned anything, everything has been given to us through grace.  Everything we have comes from God’s hand.  We cannot boast of anything or claim anything as our property, everything we have belongs to God, our money, our children, our women, our men, our workers, our time, our possessions and all else we have.  Some have lots, others have less, and the rest very little.

We’ve been given a trial period on this earth in order to see how we are able to handle God’s wealth.  He gave us His Word as a guide in order for us to know what His will is.  He gave us His Spirit to teach and guide us, to keep His eye on us and to advise and teach us.  (Psalm 32:8)

One day, our works will be brought before Him and we will be judged according to our works.  It will determine whether we will have power to reign eternally or not.  So, it is important to remember that it is NEVER OUR OFFERINGS, BUT GOD”S.

Does God then need our money and offerings?

Does He have a car that needs fuel in heaven?

Must He eat?

The answer to above questions is:  “NO”!!!  (Please read Psalm 50).

God does not need ANYTHING from us.  He’s just looking for a reason to bless us.  Our disobedience has caused curses in our lives, and God, the Creator, is constantly busy making plans in order to separate us from our problems.


There are two kinds of offerings we have to give:

1.  The Tenth or First Fruits Offering.  (NOTE, FIRST FRUITS, NOT LAST)

2.  A Peace Offering.

Why is it important to give my tithe to God?

The entire Word of God consists of curses and blessings.  God has given us His plan for our lives and if we follow it, it will automatically bring forth the promises and blessings.  God has a plan for each person, but so does Satan, both blessings and curses.

I would like to make something very clear before we go any further:

God is not a God who constantly curses.  Rather, He desires to ALWAYS do good to us and to give us of His treasures.  He is always looking for reasons to bless us.  Jesus says that just as we, weak and miserable people, like to give the best to our children, how much more does our heavenly Father, who is the Eternal and Almighty source of love, kindness, mercy and blessings in the whole universe, not want to give us.

There are over 8,000 promises and blessings in God’s Word.  But we have misunderstood it.  Every promise and blessing, is linked to a condition.  If you eat your food, you can have your pudding, which is also how we were raised.  The instructions has been given unto us in order to activate the promises.   We as humans have been placed in control of activating those promises.

Let’s use a very simple example:

A majority of the people in South Africa has electricity in their homes, which is connected to a power source called Eskom.  But although Eskom is the main power source, they certainly aren’t contacted every time a light needs to be turned on, it’s our duty to push the switch’s button in order to turn on a light.

Promises works on the same principle.

When we abide by the conditions, the blessings will automatically fall into place.  Which is why so many unbelievers are blessed, it’s because they continue to give.  Businessmen began to follow this principle and have reaped results.  We need to stop praying about everything and start to do something, it’s the “doing” – part that causes the release of blessings.

Blessings are already there, it’s in God’s Word and God’s Word stands firm, it cannot be changed.  We are supposed to activate the promises ourselves.

Let’s have a quick look at CURSES:

5 Curses were spoken out in the garden of Eden, over:

a)  the MAN

b)  the WOMAN

c)  the SNAKE


e)  the EARTH (It shall bring forth thorns and thistles)

There are people who say that Christ has set us free from all curses.  That statement is WRONG!  The snake still slithers around on its stomach, the man is still working just as hard as ever and the woman still brings children into life with pain, etc…

Christ however, has freed us from the CURSE OF THE LAW.

Others again argue that the tithe is under the law, this statement is once again is WRONG!  Cain and Abel, Noah, Abraham and Jacob all gave offerings and tithes to God’s work long before the law was there.

Where does the tithe or first fruits offering fit in, and what does it mean then?

The curse that was spoken out, is directly against the man’s handiwork.  Satan, the destroyer cannot do as he pleases in God’s creation.  Curses give him the right which he has on those areas of our lives.  If we open ourselves up to a curse, then he has the right to come and attack us in the areas we’ve opened up.

I personally like to ask people the following question and to watch their facial expressions change:


If you answered NEVER to the above question, then please answer my next:


And that’s exactly why things are the way they are.

See, an offering is there to purchase our freedom from a curse.  That is why Jesus became the greatest curse, so that we, who were the most cursed, could be redeemed.  His offering has reconciled God and man.  The work of our hands were cursed and that is why Satan has the right to sow thorns and thistles on our lands.  But that’s when God made a plan and said that we could redeem the curse with the first fruits offering.

Remember now, it is not OUR tithe, IT IS GOD’S TITHE!

It is due to HIS SACRIFICE that the curse can be REDEEMED and the reason WE ARE ABLE TO PLACE OUR INCOME UNDER HIS PROTECTION.  The tithes we give to God, has been put there in order for us to redeem the curses.

What God is saying in our language is:  “TRUST ME WITH A RANSOM AND I WILL PROTECT THE REST OF YOUR INCOME.”

Jericho had to become prohibited, which was the first fruits offering, in order for the curse on the land to be broken so that God could then bless it.  Read what happened to Achan when he stole God’s goods, he also stole money from the collection plate.

Please read the following section through carefully:



Satan will have no right to attack any of the other nine parts if we are faithful with God’s tithe or first fruit offerings.  It’s under God’s protection now.  The curse has been redeemed.

In what form/shape does God’s tithe come?

It is in the form of every penny you’ve received for work done, in other words, your salary (income).

Let’s take a look at Thanksgiving Offerings:

Why should we give a Thanksgiving Offering?

A Thanksgiving Offering is exactly what the name says it is, you‘re giving something to God as proof of your grateful heart.  It comes in various forms, such as;  time, prayer, money, love, obedience, food, clothing, water, helping our neighbors, the list is endless.  Our entire lives is supposed to be a Thanksgiving Offering before God.


I, once again, want to reiterate that you are responsible for everything that God has placed in your hands.  One day you will be judged on it and your reward will be determined by how well you handled God’s goods.  Your obligations don’t stop after you have given once.  You are the sower of that seed.  Only you are to blame if there are no harvests.  If you sow seeds in a reckless man’s hands, your eternal harvests will be ruined because you have wasted God’s seed in respect of that specific seed.  You have deprived yourself of any blessings in that area, unless you confess your crime before God and from there on only sow in fertile soil.  Then you will once again enjoy God’s blessings.

God’s tithe is a huge responsibility, and yes, it should go to the treasury, so that there will be food in His House.

But is that what really happens?

Leaders live in luxury and enrich themselves, welfare organization-‘leaders’ eyes bulge of fat and those for whom the money is actually meant, live in appalling conditions.  I know what I am talking about, I work with these kinds of people every day.  I would still like to see the church where the leader ensures that all needs of the church are fulfilled before taking a penny for themselves.  I’ve also been on church boards and one of the main points that are first discussed with any new leader, is the salary.  We see them begging for money for bits and bobs every day.

Ministries and institutions are in a financial mess because they fail to handle situations appropriately.  The laborer is worthy of his wage, but the worker must not eat all the seeds.  Should that happen, there would be no harvest.  We see The Bride of Christ standing on street corners begging and selling pancakes and koeksisters, merely because her groom cannot provide for her.  If my wife had to beg for money due to the fact that I’m not able to provide for her, I will never be able to look the world in the eye.

What image does the Bride carry out of her Heavenly Groom?

If we violate His body, He will violate us.

Think about this, it’s a fact.  God’s judgment is coming and we certainly will not escape it.  My wife and I have been in the ministry since 2007.  We had to give up everything we had, all our money and our property.  We had to give the money to God, and then we had to do the same with our farm.  Thankfully God accompanied us on the hard road, in order for us to understand these things correctly.  We have never before worked in the ministry for money and certainly will not in future, all our services are free and we cover all our expenses ourselves.  We have also NEVER showed anyone away due to a shortage of money.

God has sent us overseas on many occasions to minister there and everywhere we went, we could fill up our needs.  There has always been enough and many people that have gone through our hands, can testify of it.  We have never suffered a lack of anything.  We’ve never needed to go beg.  We also offer people the opportunity to sow into certain projects in the ministry, because people do not always have the opportunity to sow everywhere.  We will explain this more comprehensively in point 5.

The point I’m trying to make is that we must take responsibility for what God has placed in our hands.  If we see that what we have sown is not used for the correct purposes, we need to return to God and again confirm where we should be sowing His offering.  We are supposed to ask God, every time we receive an income, where we are supposed to sow His offering.

God has provided for us so many times in the past when times have been most difficult.  Often the Lord has provided us with money, and then again almost immediately instructed us to sow the whole amount somewhere else, before we were even able to take possession thereof.  But today we can witness of His blessings and provision in our lives.  We may not have much physically, but we don’t lack anything.  We even have enough to meet the needs of others.

The first fruits offering of God is to redeem the curse, and it must be sown in God’s will, in other words in fertile soil.  Thus the rest of your income is protected.  Satan will then have no right to come steal and destroy in any of those areas.

Let’s again quickly look at the Offering of Thanksgiving:

This is an offering in which we prove our gratitude towards God.  On this we have 10, 20, 50, 100, 1,000 fold returns.  The fruit of our Thanksgiving Offering will be seen when God gives us His Thanksgiving Offering.  Through this He proves His thankfulness to our obedience, because we thanked Him and proved it.

A Thanksgiving Offering can come in any type of form, as God uses you every day.

A young girl once told me that she was on her way to commit suicide.  She walked past a certain shop and saw a woman walking out of the shop.  The woman smiled at her.  When the girl saw the women’s smile, something in her broke loose.  She realized then and there that Satan wanted to kill her.  That woman will only discover the importance of her smile here on earth in the after.  The smile was an offering that God used to destroy Satan’s works.  The harvest never returns in the same form.

The “Prosperity” preachers say that you will reap what you sow, but that is not true.

They say that because satan only wants a bigger hold your money and bring bondage into your life.   Also beware of those who make you sign promises and commitments of money and play on your emotions.  Deeds like that is called “Witchcraft”.  Go and read GG Bloomer’s book “Witchcraft in the Pews” and your mouth will hang open when you realize exactly how churches bind and destroy their own members.

God will bless you in a place where you have a shortage, such as health, love, money, success, etc…  As an example, God blessed Job’s daughters with extraordinary beauty.

We just need to know the truth, because when we know the truth, the truth shall set us free.  Make sure you always sow on fertile soil and not through emotions.  Emotions have landed me in a lot of trouble in the past and I had to learn these things the hard way.


The result of obedience is blessings.

Obedience brings forth blessings, not the other way round.

What are all the blessings about?

God’s blessings are unlimited.  The biggest portion will only be received in the life hereafter.  God not only wants to give us temporary blessings, but also eternal blessings that will never end.

Luke 16:9 – “And I say unto you, Make to yourselves friends of the mammon of unrighteousness; that, when ye fail, they may receive you into everlasting habitations.”

There are rich people today who own everything, but one day they will not even possess a home of their own.  They will be roaming around looking for shelters.  The poor will own tents and those who gave will be welcome in the tents of the poor.  Luke 16:9-13 is a guideline of how we should handle the things that God has placed in our hands.


Our physical shortages will be filled and we will be protected.  God also established certain levels of authority.  We must always stand under authority, under the Head Jesus Christ.  Similarly, God also instituted various ministries, powers and authorities.  When you have the right to sow on a farmer’s land, you also have the right to the harvests and his protection.

Go and read what Boaz had said unto Ruth.  He said that she would only enjoy his protection when she gathered grain on his lands.  It is very important to sow into a ministry where you share their covering.  When you sow into a ministry, you are automatically a member of that ministry.  That ministry must then serve you, pray for you and spiritually and physically feed you.  The ministry must also protect you with the authority and power that rests on that certain ministry.

That is why the Lord has linked our ministry, MZM, with one of the largest ministries in the world, so that we can stand under and be covered by their authority.  Everybody that sows into our ministry, is automatically part of, and under the protection of that ministry, because we in turn sow into the other ministry.  We are unable to stand by ourselves, we need the protection and power of an older brother.  As with Job, we are then protected all around and Satan does not stand a chance against us.

I hope that I have shed more light on this subject.  If your home is constantly being attacked, ask God if you are in the right place and if you are sowing correctly.   But that is not where it ends.

To briefly prove to you God’s love and goodness, allow me to share the following with you:

There is an eternal reward which has been determined that will be received some day.  Let us look at a man like Billy Graham for example.  He has led more than 100 million people to God, which they know of.

How big do you think his harvest is going to be one day?

If you are a member of his ministry, and being a member does not mean to fill in an application form, it means to become actively involved and to function in that ministry, even if they don’t know you exist.  Then you will also share in their harvest now and in the life hereafter, eternity.

Say for instance that Billy Graham will receive 10 trillion planets as his wage one day.  The 10 trillion planets won’t be divided amongst his members.  His members will each receive 10 trillion planets as a wage.  In the end it’s all about obedience.

David gave the exact same wage to those who remained with the baggage as the others.    Jesus also told the story about the landowner who went to hire workers for his vineyard early in the morning, and then progressively later in the day.    The last laborers were hired just before nightfall, and they all received the same wage when the day ended.  Our heavenly Father is generous to all who are obedient.

This is just to give you a basic framework, as there is so much additional information with regard to this doctrine.

Please feel free to contact me at should you have any questions or queries.

Just remember that the seeds that you have sown erroneously will never disappear.  One day it will grow and produce a harvest.

Unless you repent, and ask God for forgiveness for the seed that have been sown on satan’s lands, and ask Him to also destroy it with His blood.  The harvest of the seed that’s been sown in error, will not be pleasant at all!

I do not believe that there is one person who can say that they have always sown on the soil that God has prepared.  We have all sown seeds in liquor stores, casinos, and the cigarette trade and throughout Satan’s fields.  Let the Spirit search through the seeds that you have sown and see if you have sown in error.


I hope and trust that this teaching will bless everyone who accepts it.

Greetings and blessings from Namibia.

Gert and Eleonor


Pray the following prayer if you stand guilty before God today, if you have acted erroneously with His offerings and belongings:

Father, I come to You today in the Name of Jesus, Your Son.

I want to place myself on the altar, and ask that your Spirit will search through me to see if I have sown any seeds from the flesh, traditions or emotions.

Lord, I am guilty of not doing with Your seed as You have instructed me to do.

I have also stolen Your seed many times in the past because I was greedy and this has made me a thief.

Your Word says that the covetous will not inherit the Kingdom of Heaven.

I am guilty Father and I repent now.

Please forgive me and destroy all seeds that I have sown outside Your will with the Blood of Jesus.

Thank you for your mercy that has protected me in my ignorance, that the seeds that I have sown in error, has not yet produced a harvest because then I would be totally destroyed.

Father, even though I don’t deserve it, please give me another chance to sow correctly.

Holy Spirit, please teach me and guide me to sow in the will of the Father.

Please bless the seeds I will be sowing in the future so that the harvests will be vast and can be used for the growth of Your Kingdom.

I ask all of this in the Name of Jesus, my Lord.

So be it.

Father, I believe this word is from You, which is why I now sprinkle it with the Blood of Jesus, so that the birds of the heavens will not come to steal it.

I ask that You will open and bless every ear, so that they will hear what the Spirit is saying to the church.

Let the fruit of the word be realized in people’s lives, they who earnestly seek to do the will of God.