Communion Prayer



Father, we come to You in the name of Jesus Christ, with thankful and grateful hearts towards You, because You loved me/us first.

Father, You have proven Your love for me/us, by giving Your Son as a living sacrifice, the innocent, sinless, spotless Lamb of God, who has brought everlasting reconciliation between You and I/us.

Thank You that I/we now have the privilege to sit at Your table and enjoy what You have prepared for me/us.

Please bless it to my body, soul and spirit.

Lord Jesus, thank You that You willingly took the judgments of the Living God upon Yourself, on my/our behalf.  As well as all our infirmities, weaknesses and all our miseries.

Thank You for Your eternal victory for me/us, that You have stripped and defeated the evil one forever, and displayed him as an eternally defeated enemy to the entire universe.

Satan has no power, might, authority or territory.

He has been placed under my/our feet forever by the Son of the Living God.

You have also given me/us the opportunity to be part of Your Body, thus I prophecy over this bread this morning, which is actually me/us, because You said that I/we am/are part of Your Body.

Because I am only a part and I need my brothers and sisters in the Body, I now prophecy that the right connections will be made in the Body through the Spirit of God.

One does not have it all, thus I/we should be bound with other parts in the Spirit, and not connections in the flesh.

For these reasons I/we now want to celebrate in Your presence, rejoice and be glad, in Christ Jesus.

If I/we boast, I/we will boast and rejoice in the Lord, because He is the eternal conqueror.

(Now eat the piece of bread, remember, it is bread that’s been broken, not cut)

Father, I/we now take the Cup after the meal and bless the Blood of Jesus.

Thank You for the Blood of the everlasting covenant.

It is the Blood of Him who has taken the sins of the world upon Him.

You say that the Blood of the Lamb seals the eternal covenant between You and I/us, even before the creation of the world.

Thank You for the Blood of power and of new life.

Thank You for the Blood that has granted eternal victory for me/us on the cross of Golgotha.

I/we now take this Blood of new life, so that He will become more and I/we less.

I/we also declare that I/we no longer live, but Christ lives in me/us, it is His Blood that flows in my/our veins, His life that lives in me/us, because You say the life is in the Blood.

(Now take the cup)

Thank You Father for nourishing my/our spirit/s with food and drink from Your Heavenly table, which You have prepared for me/us.

I/we give You all the glory, in Jesus Name.

May the Son of God, Jesus Christ, alone be glorified.