Prayer of a Man for Himself and His Family



Father, I come to You in the name of Your son, Jesus Christ.

Firstly, I would like to place myself, my wife, our children, our family, business, ministry, and all that You have placed in my hands on the altar before You, so that the Spirit of God, who convicts us of sin, will search our whole being and all we have, for any wrongdoing.

Spirit of God, please show me where I have neglected to oppose evil.

If I have opened any doors for evil, I confess it now and ask that You will forgive me and wash me in the Blood of the Lamb, and forever shut those doors with the Blood of Jesus.

Because I believe that You have forgiven me, I now take back all the power, might, authority and territory that I have lost, from the wicked.

I once again take control over all that God has placed in my hands, to manage for Him and I sprinkle all that He has placed in my hands, with the Blood of Jesus.

You have appointed me as king, priest and prophet in our house.

It is a huge responsibility and a huge task, I am a mere man, of flesh and blood.

I cannot accomplish and carry out this task alone, therefore that I ask of You to strengthen me and guide me, give me strength and wisdom to fully accomplish this task.

Help me to be a worthy king, as the Father is King over His creation.

Help me to protect my home and to provide as the Father care for and protects His creation.

Help me to not allow any enemies onto my territory.

I pray that You will help me to stay in position, and function as the king of my house.

May the fruit I bear, always be the fruit that the Father Himself carries.

I also pray that You will make me a worthy priest of my house, like the Son is High Priest of His church, so that I will rule this home with love and patience, as Jesus Himself would do.

I pray that You will teach me the will of the Father, so that I can teach my house the will of the Father.

Please help me to be worthy of the position of priest in my house, and to always be representative of the image of Jesus.

I pray also that You will help me to be a worthy prophet in my house, as the Holy Spirit is the mouthpiece of the Trinity on earth.

Holy Spirit, please guide me, so that I will speak as You want me to.

I pray, as king, priest and prophet that I will always live and function in the will of God, so that my house will prosper, and be blessed by You.

You have also instructed me to protect my house against evil.

Please teach me how to fight the spiritual battle and command the angels to help me with this task, so that evil cannot launch any attack on my house.

Live through me, that I may always portray Your image, so that wherever I go, people will know that Christ lives in me.

Let me be the epitome of God.

Today I also want to call my wife’s name before You, Father, You have given me a precious jewel in ……………………….. (Wife’s name)

I ask that You will help me to always respect and love her, as You have commanded me in Your Word.

Strengthen her with power and wisdom to fulfill the role that she must fulfill, as intercessor in our marriage.

Also help her to educate the children in the will of the Father.

Help us as a unit, to love each other and You more and more every day and to sincerely serve You with all our heart, soul and body.

Please also bless our children and grandchildren, with the blessings of God.

Please bless everything that You have placed in my hands to manage for You, and guide me and grant me the wisdom on how to manage it according to Your will.

I thank You that I can trust in You and know that You will help me to make a success of this great task, that You may be glorified through it.

I ask this all in Jesus name and I thank You for it.