Prayer of a Wife for Her Husband


Father, I come to you in Jesus name, as woman and intercessor of my family.

You formed me from the rib of my husband, which is why I must stay on my knees and intercede for him, with You.

I have not been placed over my husband, but next to him in oneness according to Your command.

I would like to call my husband’s name, (husband’s name), before you.

You have appointed him as king, priest and prophet in our home.

It is a tremendous responsibility and a huge task, and my husband is only flesh and blood.

He cannot carry and perform this task on his own, which is why I want to ask You to strengthen him and guide him, give him power and wisdom to fulfil this command.

Help him to be a worthy king, as the Father is King over His creation.

Help him to protect our home, and provide as the Father protects and provides for His creation.

Help him not to allow any enemy on our territory.

I pray him into the position as king of our home.

I also want to pray that my husband will be a worthy priest in our home, as the Son is the High Priest of His church, that he will rule our home with love and patience, as Jesus would do Himself.

I pray that he will teach his house the will of the Father.

I pray him into the position as priest of our home.

I also pray that my husband will be a worthy prophet for our home, as the Holy Spirit is the mouthpiece of the Trinity on earth.

Let my husband be led by the Holy Spirit and speak as the Holy Spirit instructs him to do.

I pray that my king, priest and prophet will always live and function in the will of God, that all will be well with our house and You can bless us.

You also instructed him to protect our home against the forces of evil.

Please teach my husband how to spiritually wage war and also command the angels to help him with this task, so that the evil forces will not be able to attack our home.

Live through my husband, so that he will always portray Your image, wherever he may go, so people will know that Christ lives in him.

Let him be the embodiment of God.

Father, please bless my husband’s work, bless his hands, his feet, strengthen his back and assure him that a woman has been placed at his side, a woman who will always support him and whom he can trust and rely on.

Help us, as a unit, to love You more and more each day, and to honestly serve you with all our body, soul and spirit.

We thank you Father