Short Prayer


Father, I come to You in Jesus name. I declare my human weaknesses and shortcomings before You this morning. I confess that I am nothing and I have nothing to put down before You this morning that can impress You.

Therefor that I come to You this morning under the Blood of Jesus and clothe myself with Jesus Christ. I now sprinkle myself with the Blood of Jesus.

Place Blood on your head

I sprinkle my territory, home, husband / wife, children, finances, my workers, the airspace and everything beneath my territory.

Because I know the weakness of the flesh, I now take the Blood, and I shut my mouth for any words in the flesh.

I fasten my hands with the Blood for any works in the flesh.

I shut my ears with the Blood for any words in the flesh.

I shut my eyes with the Blood for any sight in the flesh.

I also dedicate my thoughts and emotions to You with the Blood and I forbid satan in this area.

I place the Blood on my feet and fasten my feet for walking in the flesh.

Take the oil and anoint your mouth and tongue, with the oil

I now devote my lips to You and also my tongue so that all the words uttered by my mouth may be in Your will and carry the anointing of God’s Spirit.

Anoint your hands

I dedicate my hands to Thee as an instrument to work through.

I place my anointed hands on my ears, and devote my ears to You, so that I will hear what the Spirit says unto the congregation.

I now dedicate my eyes to You so that I will see as one who sees the invisible, and notice every yoke and strap of satan that binds people, to therefor be able to set people free.

I dedicate my thoughts and emotions to You so that You alone will be in charge of my entire soul dimension.

Oil on feet

I anoint my feet and dedicate it to You. Holy Spirit teach me and educate me on the path I should go. Psalm 32:8.

Give me advice and keep Your eye on me. Spirit of God, teach me to do Your pleasure and lead me on level road so You can use me as a tool in Your hand.