Sinner’s Prayer


Sinners can Pray this Prayer:


Father, I come to You today in the name of Jesus Christ, Your Son.

I am a sinner and I now realize that if I should die now, I am forever condemned and will spend eternity in hell, which You have prepared for the devil and his angels.

I know it’s not Your will, therefor that Jesus came to die for us, so that we can be saved.

I want to now mend my case with God, I know I cannot be saved by my works or the law, therefore that You, have sent your Son to die for my sins, in my place.

I now confess all my sins before You and I now open my heart to Jesus, I invite Him into my life, so that He will be the King and Saviour of my life.

I also take back all the power, authority and territory from Satan that my ancestors and I gave unto him and I give everything back to Jesus, I declare with my mouth that Satan is exposed, weak and powerless.

He has no right over my body, soul and spirit any more, also all that God has placed in my hands to rule for Him.

I also declare that Jesus Christ is now my Lord and that He has the sole right over my body, soul and spirit.

Jesus, please also break all curses, bloodline curses, soul connections and everything that the wicked bind me with, with Your Blood and forever free me from every grip that Satan has on me.

Holy Spirit, I invite You to come into my live and please help me every day, outlive my purpose.

I thank You in Jesus’ Name.