Wrong Business Practice Repentance Prayer



Father, I come to You today in the name of our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ, Your Son.

You have placed a tremendous responsibility in my hands and entrusted me with Your business, but up until now I have not trusted You.

Your Word says that much will be expected from those to whom much is given, therefor that I am guilty.

I confess today that I have been trying to manage and control Your business according to my fleshly desires and my own emotions, and I am sorry.

I only now realise that I am accountable for every moment, sent, worker, client and everything that has been directly or indirectly involved in this business.

I have trusted the gods of wood and clay, the world’s desires was beautiful and tempted me.

This business should have carried out the image of Jesus to the outside world.

I’m tired of trying to deal with things on my own.

I might be successful in the physical world, but in the spiritual world, I have failed, the clay failed, if I had to stand before You now and give account of what You have placed in my hands, I don’t know what I will say.

I deserve the words “Depart from Me, you accursed, I do not know you”.

So I now confess all my failures and shortcomings before Thee.

Will You please forgive me, I never trusted You and I have never given You a chance and opportunity to help me manage Your business, according to Your will.

Father, I now thank You for the Blood of the Lamb, which  cleansed my sin.

I now take my forgiveness, because Your Word says that I am forgiven.

I also now take back all the might, power, authority and territory that I have given unto the evil one in Your business.

I give it all back to Jesus, it was never Satan’s, but Jesus’.

Satan no more has any right in Your Company, I also now sprinkle all seeds, that I have sowed on the evil’s grounds, with the Blood of Jesus.

Let the Blood of Jesus now destroy all the seeds, that were sown outside Your will, so it shall yield no crops.

I also break all curses and bondages, which is expressed on Your business, with the Blood of Jesus.

I also take up all might and power, that Jesus gave unto me, so that this business is handled and controled according to Your will, I now surrender myself unto the Spirit of God.

Holy Spirit, I am a weak person, with many shortcomings, will You please help me to run this business, as Your Godhead planned it before the creation of the earth.

Father, I thank You that You have opened my eyes in time and that I can now see that there is a far greater purpose for Your business, than I initially thought and knew.

May the name of our Lord and Master always be glorified on this ground and in the business.

I ask it all in Jesus name.