Tithes Offerings Teaching

Tithes and Offerings Teaching

What are tithes and what are offerings?

Why does God expect this from us?

Is it a curse or blessing?

To answer these questions we have to research in the Bible what it says about tithes and offerings. Let’s start in the beginning, in Genesis.

God creates the Heavens and earth, He creates the Paradise, and He creates man, which is made of the dust of the earth, and He puts man in the paradise. But then God says, it is not good for the man to be alone, I will create a helper for him. God lets the man sleep and He removes one rib from the man’s side to create the woman. Then God says they will rule, and then God blesses the marriage and everything that is connected to the marriage as well as the unity. God also blesses everything that He has placed in their hands. But then God says ( AND THIS IS A WARNING ), He expects discipline and subservience to Him. The Lord then forbade them to eat from the tree which was in the middle of the garden. He said because if you eat from that tree you will immediately move away from My will, and from My blessings and from My support and protection. You will move away from My plan and everything I have given you will be taken away and you will choose to stand in the kingdom of the flesh, and therefore you will have to do everything yourself, what you expect to accomplish and to have.

Satan then went into the snake, and started talking to Eve and seduces her. The man and the woman, the unity was then chased out of Eden….chased away from God’s blessing. Then God cursed them, there was 5 curses which was proclaimed over them,

  1. The curse over the man,
  2. The curse over the woman,
  3. The curse over the snake,
  4. The curse over satan,
  5. The curse over the earth.

These 5 curses are still valid today. The curse over the earth, meaning everything which grows on the earth will yield, and both thorns and thistles it shall grow for you, meaning things that can cause you harm. And God makes enemies between man and animal, and the lion and the jackal, and the beasts which eats grass, God makes enemies of them and this will be part of the curse of the earth. Man had decided to move away from God’s blessings and landed in this situation. It was always man’s choice never God’s choice.

Man is now in this position and God can not bring man back into the paradise, garden. But He makes a new plan, remember He stays a creator He always has new plans. Keep in mind that God knows exactly what happens each and everyone’s lives, in mine and yours until the consummation of this world and how satan’s plans work, because He knows everything from beginning to the end. This is precisely why it has been possible for the book of Revelations to be been written already. God will teach us and show us as long as we trust and follow His voice. These are warnings and guidelines which God has given us, and because He knows satan’s plans in our lives, and because we are mere man we are bound to stumble. This in turn is also the reason why we need our brothers and sisters to show us the way and why negative advice should never come between the children of God. But instead must always be to the expansion of the body of Jesus Christ.

Just remember that both God and satan has a plan for your life. God’s plan is to bless you and satan’s plan is to destroy you. It is a free choice that each and everyone has who they entrust with their life. Everything was placed in our hands and it is still in our hands, but with restrictions and not with the freedom anymore. God came and gave everyone his and her fair portion, to do God’s will. Heb 13:20-21. Man is not free in God to manage as he is suppose to, so God says man will only have part of what was given originally, not everything anymore. Satans plan is to steal the little we have left over, so that the man will not be able to do God’s will.

Man was taken out of the garden of Eden, away from God’s Glory, away from His support. God did everything for man and blessed them, but because man refused this and preferred to listen to evil, so man must work for himself and support himself. “ By the sweat of your face you will eat bread until you return to the ground” and satan will always be there to try his luck, to try and destroy your life on this earth. He will use the lion and the jackal and many other things, he will bring accidents on your path, he will use the demonic beings, which you had to keep in the bottomless pit, to destroy your life. The devils in the bottomless pit, now has full authority to do so because man made that choice, it was never in God’s plan. You will not get the fruit of the Land for free anymore. You will have to earn your bread, you will just have bread, meaning you will only have enough for you needs to survive on. You will never again in this life have anything in abundance. One day we will have in abundance again ,but not in this time. We will only have enough to survive on and enough to do His will.

 I think Adam worked himself half to death with no success. God realizes it and He feels sorry for the man, but He cannot go back on His Word and cancel the curses.

So what can God do now? The Almighty God can solely make another plan. The Word of God stands firm and can not be changed. The Word is spoken and the warning has gone out, but man made his choice, and because of this choice man will always have these things happen to them. The Lord cursed the works of man’s hands and the fruit of the land and everything that is cursed and bears fruit carries cursed seeds. That is why you will never see a thorn bush carrying edible fruit. That is why we can not eat jackals, you cannot eat a beast, it is unclean animals, it’s cursed. A curse is there to destroy a life, not to bless it.

So God sees their hard work and He feels sorry for them. God then says the only way how they can break the curse, is if they bring an offer. There is no other way to break a curse besides bringing an offer. Only an offer can loosen the grip of a curse.


Man decided to accept the curse or to move away from it and to break it. It is the choice of man……nothing is forced….


So God feels sorry for man and says, “if you break your heart open for Me, if you have remorse and you recognize Me and believe in Me. Then proof to Me that you believe, proof to Me firstly with torn heart, not just with words, that you choose to believe Me.”

This is exactly why it is important to understand an offer, it is not a gift. You buy your friend a gift for a special occasion, but an offer is totally something different. An offer is solely an offer if there is blood involved. Meaning, the heart must be broken. An offer is something you give which you can’t afford to give. And that is exactly what tears your heart apart, it totally breaks your heart in pieces, because of your obedience towards God. The blood with which you give your offer is what makes it an offer.



For years God made a promise to Abraham. That he might have one son, just one son. And then in turn God tells him to offer his son for Him. Abraham didn’t take Ishmael, because he knew God meant Isaac, because Isaac was the promise God had given him. All promises were hidden in Isaac not in Ishmael. Everything Abraham lived for was fulfilled in Isaac.

God also expected it from me once to offer my Isaac to Him, on Mount Zion in Jerusalem….it was a rather large offer He expected from me, stripped my heart apart, totally pulled it into pieces. But the heart with which you give you offering, meaning: if your heart is not involved, it is not an offer. It’s the heart with which you give it, because you cannot afford to give it. It is precisely this which the Lord asks of you to test your heart. We must turn our hearts back to God, because we recklessly followed the enemy with our heart. Turning back to the Lord with our hearts is a difficult road and it gets harder as we press on. This is why God will expect an offer from you, because you can’t afford it. God will approach you in the hardest time of your life and ask an offer from you. It is not an easy thing. I had to personally go through these things, through experience to learn. I cannot teach something I have not gone through myself. I didn’t learn these things somewhere on a bench in a classroom, I had to experience them myself, I had to pick up my own manna in the desert.

An offer is something that will make your heart bleed.

Now I am going to tell you something very challenging…. God has never taken pleasure from a disabled offer. When God asks an offer from you He expects nothing but the best from you. Let’s go look in the Bible what would happen to one such person who would offer a disabled offer. You bring judgment over yourself. The Lord would punish you, because you have undermined God. Jesus tells a similar story about the judge which came…..would you not give him the best, put your best foot forward, give him the best presents. People make such a fuss over people and honor them more than what they honor God. God put down specific standards and principals regarding the offer in His Word and He expects it to be respected and that they are met as He expects.

To sum it up till thus far, God has placed everything in our hands in order to do His will, we chose to move away from this. Everything was blessed. But then we moved away from the blessing……..and satan has authority on us and our possessions. We had to start working and satan got it right to almost destroy everything. Now satan can use all demonic powers to kill steal and destroy.

Now let’s go have look at Asaph in the Bible, Psalm 73. Where Asaph came to the Lord and asked the Lord, why the wicked had prosperity. Their body is fat and pampered. And Asaph said, “ they mock and wickedly speak of oppression”. He comes to the Lord and says but all of these wicked people, godless people do everything that it evil, but they are so blessed. “Behold, these are the ungodly, who always prosper and are at ease (in the world); they have increased in wealth. Surely then in vain I have cleansed my heart and washed my hands in innocence. For all the day long have I been stricken, and punished every morning.” But then Asaph continues with this, he says, “When my heart was embittered and I was pierced within (as with the fang of an adder), Then I was senseless and ignorant; I was like a beast before You. ” And Asaph says that God is a righteous God. So God showed Asaph their end , and he had seen their end. And then Asaph said this one thing, “ But as for me, it is good for me to draw near to God; “

What happened here?……there is not one person on this earth that can ever turn and say to God that He has not given enough to them. Many have less, some have little, some have none. There are those who have more and there are those who have a lot, but the Lord handed out talents according to his/her’s competence. The Lord will claim what is in your capacity. That is why I cannot agree with the politics of countries who want to enrich the poor, they are placing people in positions where God had never put them. And those people will bring judgment over themselves. Rather leave man where he is, and instead teach them the Gospel of Good News, so that those people can learn to live in God’s will and then God will Himself lift them up. The more he is obedient, the more he will receive. If a man doesn’t know how to handle something, that something will destroy his life. That person might be with God now, but then suddenly he receives a lot of money and he becomes an alcoholic and he goes lost and dies. Impoverishing means………… not give the true Gospel, so that he cannot live properly in God’s will. Placing a person in a position where God never intended him to be and supplying him with things which is not in his capacity to handle.

So till this far we have learned that only an offer can rid you from a curse. This offer has conditions and the offer must be pure, clean and holy. It must not be a disabled offer. God has standards, so we must meet those standards.

Satan now has full right of way on all our things. Our income, our handy work, everything that this earth produces, everything that we must live from in this world, is cursed. God established two offers which we must give in order for the produce from the lands to be blessed again and He will protect it. The one is the tithe and the other is the thanks giving.

Let’s first discuss the tithes. Please read Psalm 50, God introduces Himself…He says “ I am God, your God……for every beast of the forest is Mine, and the cattle on a thousand hills.” And then He says …. “ I know every bird of the mountains, and everything that moves in the field is Mine.” And everything belongs to the Lord anyway, nothing is yours. We return back to the beginning, nothing is yours, everything belongs to the Lord which He placed in your hands given to you by grace for you to manage for Him. But there is still a destroyer which you must pass. And the Lord says He looks to earth and He says there is a curse, man works his fingers to the bone and God feels sorry for them. God then says I will help them, but man must first proof to me that he trusts Me. Because it was distrust which made man to be in this position in the first place. If man wants to rid himself from the curse, then he must do so with an offer. That is exactly why Jesus Christ had to come down and become the curse for us, so that we can become children who are blessed and no longer slaves of the curse.

Jesus Christ became the curse, He was the perfect lamb and a pure sacrifice. He is the firstborn sacrifice which God gave to break the curse of the law. Father God set an example for us and said, “ I will set an example for you and sacrifice My son…I will give the firstborn offer, so that everything that follows can be blessed. The firstborn offer breaks the curse. That is why it MUST be a pure, clean and holy sacrifice in front of the Lord. Otherwise God could’ve told us to keep on sacrificing cattle and goats. it was precisely because cattle could not bring fulfillment, that the Lamb of God had to be the perfect sacrifice. Father God set an example for us, He sacrificed His firstborn, His son. He was the sovereign Lamb….. there was certain standards with which the prophets had to prophecy about the Son of God. God had put so many standards in place,………….He will look like this and He will be born in Bethlehem, meaning this is how the sacrifice will look like. He will be sovereign and He will be God-Like. And all the scriptures had to stick to these requirements about how the sacrifice would look like. On that day he stepped forward…. This Lamb which had to be the perfect sacrifice, which had to open the womb so that we might become children of God. “ But to as many as did receive and welcome Him, He gave the right ( the authority, the privilege) to become children of God, that is, to those who believe in {adhere to, trust in, and rely on} His name.” we were strangers now we are children. The Father clearly set the requirements for us.

 But Christ only came to break the curse of the law….because he is the fulfillment of the law. The earth is still cursed, and that curse is still in working today. All 5 curses which God proclaimed in Genesis still stands today. We need to understand these things properly. Women still menstruate till today and the man must still work hard, etc.

The people of Israel were promised the land of Canaan….the land of milk and honey, but the land is polluted with idolatry and of curses. A firstborn sacrifice must be offered to break the curse and so that God can bless the land. That is why Jericho had to be the firstborn offer. But then Achan stole part of the sacrifice and look what happened to the people of Israel…satan got the right to kill 36 men at the battle at Ai and everyone had to pay for the sin of Achan and his greed. Then Achen became the sacrifice, him and his family and all of his belongings had to break the curse so that the rest of the land could be blessed.

In Malachi 3, the word states that we steal from God,…. How do we steal form God?…..with tithes and thanks giving and sacrifices….you are under the curse but still you steal from Me. But then He gives the solution,…..He says “ bring all the tithes ( the tenth ) into the storehouse, so that there can be food in My house.” And then the Lord says we can put Him to the test,… where else does the Lord allow us to test Him…” and test Me now in this.” Says the Lord of hosts, “if I will not open for you the windows of heaven and pour out for you (so great) a blessing until there is no more room to receive it.”

But we must always remember if we do not trust the Lord with our entire tithes then the curse will come over us. Meaning, then satan has full right to destroy everything we have and what is still to come in our lives. He cannot destroy us, but he can get a hold of our possessions and produce of the land and our hard work and use it against us. Let me explain it more clearly.

In Psalm 50 the Lord says, “…. And everything that moves in the field is mine.” Then He asks, “….if I were hungry, I would not tell you. Do I have a car up here in heaven which needs your gas money? Do I need to buy bread and milk and sugar? Do I need all of these things? Am I in the mood for a piece of meat, do I want that? He says if I am in need of anything I would not ask you.” Then it make me think of that verse in Romans which says, “…..

Meaning God doesn’t need us, we must understand it very well. The Almighty does not need me and you in His perfect plans. God has such a God-like, unconditional love for me and for you that He wants to share His entire plan and His whole creation with us. Man faltered and God had to make a new plan to bring man back into the place where he can be blessed. He says in Malachi 3. “…… bring your whole tithes to the storeroom, so that there can be food in My house.” The tithes we give, is not because we want to receive. The thanks giving is because we received something. We have something which satan is after and the only way we can protect it is by doing what God says.

 So now we have two choices again, we can either leave satan to carry on with his destructive process or we can move back to the protection of Most High God, because He will bless abundantly not just limited blessings. But if we don’t trust the Almighty with our whole hearts, then He will not bless us abundantly. Where the heart is involve, it must be a heart issue, not a situation issue. I shouldn’t go look if you can give and how much you can give…because it must be given when you cannot afford it.

The Lord had already taught us these principals about His Word back in 1997. The Lord stopped all of my income, He closed down my business in 2 days. For 7 months I was without any income. The Lord took me to the ground, I had to sell toffee apples and fudge and bake cookies to sell on the streets. That was what we had to do. The Lord had to break my knee, and that was where everything started. My wife and I started cleaning and painting toilets in bars in the black communities. If you have never been in such a place, make an effort and go see what such a place looks like. And this is where God started teaching me about these principals in my life. When I didn’t want to listen, God Himself had to teach me. I had to learn everything myself, which I had to later share in the ministry. It all goes toward building up of the body of Christ Jesus. That was why I had to undergo those injuries. And people please, if you get a few injuries along the way, praise God for it, because remember you can’t be part of the body of Christ if you don’t carry any wounds. It is the wounds which carry the testimony. The body of Christ and the testimony in the body are the wounds we got along the way. My point is this, we cannot give according to our need we must give out of pure obedience. It is the obedience that breaks the curse. We must proof to God that we are not focused on our situation, but because we do it toward the building up of the body of Jesus Christ.

 I am giving you this Word because I want you all to be blessed, but I cannot give you anything else except the Word. Sometimes we sit in situations because we wandered too far off from the truth. We must always remember that it is not because of our circumstances. During the time that God had taught us these principals we did not once receive a court summons for debt, we never went hungry, we never went thirsty. Our house was always blessed, because we made a choice, and we did not look at our circumstances. And believe you me, we needed every single cent. I approached all the people and places where I had debt and where I had accounts in that time and assured them that I will rise again, but asked them to please give me some time, to freeze all my accounts and asked them not to sue me. I explained that I am in a crisis time in my walk with God, but I must sort this out. When I have then sorted everything I will pay all of them back. There was just one person who was not willing to help me, and a year after he was bankrupt and up to this day he cannot get back on his feet. He could never except it, and the judgment came to him, not to me.

We must comply with the conditions of the offers which has been given to us. The curse can solely be broken through a firstborn offer, the tithe. It is the firstborn offer which opens the womb, it must be the channel through which blessings must flow over your things. The firstborn offer in the month, is the produce of your land. It is your income and it must be given FIRST……FIRSTBORN OFFER. Thereafter everything that follows will be protected.

How much it the tithe which a person must give……….if you earn a monthly salary then it is easy, it is a tenth of you basic salary. But for example a farmer it will be different. Let’s say for example a farmer farms with cattle bulls. Let’s say a new calf is born, and the calf grows up on the farm fields. It cost a certain amount to feed the calf and keep it strong and healthy in order for it to be sold one day. So then the calf becomes a bull and it is sold for R 50 000.00. it will be unfair to expect the farmer to pay an amount of R 5 000.00 for his tithe, because it is not really his produce of his land. There was also a lot put into the bull. So the farmer must go and calculate his nett income, what his produce was for this bull. Listen closely it is not the input of the land it is the produce of the land….meaning what produce did this seed which the farmer sowed bring. If the farmer paid the full tithe on R 50 000.00, if he paid R 5 000.00, then there would be no more seed to sow again.                                     

So let’s say for example it had cost the farmer a total of R 30 000.00 to raise this bull, and he sold it for R 50 000.00. if he deducts the seed he sowed, the produce, the profit will be R 20 000.00…..and then he must pay tithe on R 20 000.00, which is R 2 000.00. this should take place as soon as the transaction has been settled, before he does anything else with the money. He must first honour God. He honours and praises God with R 2 000.00 for which he already has received, not for what he must still get. And now God protects the rest of the R 18 000.00. Which means now satan must keep his claws off it, because the curse has been broken by the firstborn offer. The farmer trusted God, and he chose to move under Gods will and to break the curse and in turn to be blessed.

 The curse is broken by the firstborn offering is only there for protection, to keep the destroyer out. If we go look at Genesis the Lord says to paint blood on the door posts so that the destroyer will pass your house. Can you see now why there must be blood involved in an offer. If the blood is not involved, the heart is not involved. If the blood is not involved, the there is no blood to testify that it is an offer. And if the blood is not involved, then the destroyer will not pass by.

Psalm 50:13 says “ Shall I eat the flesh of bulls or drink the blood of male goats?”, meaning does God need anything from you? What you have already comes from God and He has only given you a drop of what is actually in His treasure rooms. It is almost as if someone owned the ocean and then he only gives you a drop of salt water…….then people think that God is after them for the that one drop of salt water that they have. God is the God of Limitless treasures. He is the God of perfection, His treasure knows no boundaries. The moment He gives of His treasures to someone that open space is immediately filled, because He stays a creator. There can be no boundaries in God, otherwise He is not perfect. So His treasure rooms are always overflowing. Then God says in the next verse, He gives us an instruction in verse 14…”Offer to God the sacrifice of thanksgiving and pay your vows to the Most High;” what is this thanksgiving. This thanks is an offer because I have already received the blessing. Let us use the bull as an example again.

 Thank you Lord that I got a bull…and thank you that my cow was fertile and the the bull that covered her had good seed. Through the pregnancy everything went well with the cow, and she was healthy. The cow gave birth to a healthy strong calf. The calf grew up next to his mother and the cow had enough milk to breastfeed and now the calf is old enough to teat.

I can see the hand of the Lord through this whole process which I had with this calf and I could now take it and put it in the feedlot. The Lord supplied me with everything I need to raise this calf…to raise it right up to the stage where it became a bull and it was ready to be sold. So again I sold it for R 50 000.00 and my expenses was R 30 000.00 and my profit is R 20 000.00. Now I go to the Lord and I offer thanks and praise to Him, and I thank Him for bringing the bull thus far and I offer the Lord my tithe. Offer! See it is not given. Offer! It is a thanksgiving to God. And God says pay your vows to the Most High. Give the tithe so that the rest can be blessed, and He give promises with this.


There are many Christians and non- believers who quote this verse, but this verse will bring you nothing if you don’t keep to the conditions. If you can’t trust God with His tithes and offerings, then this verse will not realize in your life. He says now, if you do everything which you have been instructed to up to now, then says the Lord…”Call on Me in the day of trouble; I will rescue you…” He says trouble will arise, guaranteed. Satan will still try your faith, he will still try to hit your hand and send in thieves to break in your car, your lawn mower…he will still try and hurt your children, he will still try all his tricks…..a day of trouble will come. God also allows satan to do certain things so to pull us closer to Him. So that He can test us. But the Lord says, “ and pay your vows to the Most High; call on Me in the day of trouble; I will rescue you..” He gives a promise “ I will rescue you” and then He says again, “ and you shall honour and glorify Me.”

Let’s say for example my breaks down. I have met all conditions and my car breaks. So I call upon the Lord ask Him for help, and suddenly someone offers their help. The Lord put it on that person’s heart to help me. Let’s say the repairs costs R 10 000.00, and I don’t have money to pay that to fix the car. Now I have a problem. Suddenly I receive a telephone call and the person says the Lord laid it upon my heart to give you this amount of money. And I receive exactly the amount of money needed to fix my car, and the Lord answers my prayers and I realise that the help could only have come from the Lord. But remember God says that you must honour and glorify Him. Now what must I do now? I must now honour the Lord, by thanking Him for this outcome. I say, Lord I know I need the whole R 10 000.00 to fix the car, thank you for hearing my prayer, here I offer R 1 000.00 as a thanksgiving to You…….God brings you into a situation, so that He can bless the person that helps me ( you ), as His child. That is why we should always trust and rely on the Lord….” And we know {with great confidence} that God {who is deeply concerned about us} causes all things to work together {as a plan} for good for those who love God.”

And that is how it works people!………….easy! God will keep on blessing, but He will also continue testing. As reported earlier, a clear example of the firstborn offer, the tithe, which breaks the curse. Was when the people of Israel entered the promised land of Canaan with Joshua. God tells them, “ See, I have given Jericho into your hand, keep yourselves [away] from the things under the ban [which are to be destroyed]………and bring disaster upon it……….all the silver and gold and articles of bronze and iron are holy ( consecrated ) to the Lord……..everything belongs to the Lord” the Joshua also says, “ Cursed before the Lord is the man who rises up and rebuilds this city, Jericho; with the loss of his firstborn he shall lay its foundation, and with the loss of his youngest son he shall set up its gates.” We must remember that the land was cursed because of all the idolatry. And the rest is history. Achan steals God’s things…..and the whole people of Israel comes under a curse. This actually proves that one man can do a whole ministry harm, and what happens at Ai….? The people of Israel had to pay for the sins of Achan.

 It’s not about money, it is all about obedience. But we must realise this one thing, that if each of us does not do their part in the ministry then everyone in the ministry can be cursed. God will destroy t he destroyer; for the temple of God is holy (sacred )……

We must give with a cheerful heart….there are conditions, there are prescriptions and we must fulfil to these prescriptions. We saw how the people of Israel destroyed Jericho. Achan stole from God and put all the people under a curse. So I guess from now on you will think twice before you steal God’s tithe, because that is exactly what we do we steal from God. And then you bring a curse over the ministry where you are involved in and it can have a negative influence on the finances of that ministry. And someone else’s household can be destructed by that. And that is how deep these things are folks and that is why it is so important to understand all of these things. Because if we know the truth, then the truth shall set us free. That is why I am giving this teaching in detail, as the Spirit lays it on my heart and guides me, so that you can once and for all understand this topic fully.

So now we understand it, there is a curse and it must be broken and the only way to break it is through the offer, the tithe, the firstborn offer which opens the womb in order for the rest to be protected.

Let’s say there is a mother with children, a single mother who’s income is not sufficient for everything she needs to do. Will it be very Jesus like of me to go to her house every end of the month and go stand there with a my book and claim her tithe? NO! God wants to bless not to impoverish people. But there are two realities, there is a blessing but there is also a curse. So what must we do to get past this curse. Let us talk about this situation for a while. The point remains that we faltered, but God always gives us a chance to make things right. There is reconciliation in everything through Christ Jesus, He died for everything. The single mother tells me that she really can’t give her tithe this month and that she is in great need, and I realize it. What can I, as leader of the ministry, do to help …..the Bible says, “ And if one member suffers: all the parts share the suffering…” So if this mother has a need in her house, then the whole body will suffer because of it. The spiritual leader should now have the freedom to go to the mother and offer the help of the ministry…, there is a curse and it is a realty. We can’t get passed the curse. But the spiritual leader advices her to offer her tithe, then he/she will bless her and her home. Then the ministry offers the tithe back to her….so that this mother and her householed can be blessed, but also the ministry. The Word says that we are worse off than a non believer, if we cannot look after the house of the Lord. It works both sides, the member to the ministry, and the ministry to the member.

Over the years I have learned a few things…..there are two reasons why people don’t give their tithes. Either the person has problems, or this person is not happy in the ministry anymore. If a person is unhappy in the ministry, the fisrt thing that he will do is hold back his tithe, and this is exactly what satan wants. You cannot use the tithe as a stick, and there are many people who holds the tithe back, because they don’t like what is being said in the ministry, or because ethey don’t like the leadership. But it’s not abou t that, it’s not about your feelings and emotions. God connected you with a ministry, and your responsibility lies with that ministry. Whether you were hurt and you lying in bed to be nursed and broken your leg, you are still part of that house, the other memebers of the house should now help you, with food etc. But you must still honour that house. Whether you are angry with your mother and father or not, your surname is still part of that bloodline. You still stay part of that family, because you stay under that protection, under that roof. You must still do your part in that house. Let’s say for example you are in a financial crises, and you retract, because you feel hurt, who must look after you? The other members, now you lean on them for support and help. I cannot give you the complete income of the ministry, because the ministry must also be run, so the least that the ministry can do is sow your seed ( tithe ) back to you. A time frame can then be set for how long the member needs the tithe to be sown back.

There are two things which I can just highlight for you, the first is God’s nature is to bless, and to create life and to create abundance. Satan’s nature is to curse, to destroy and to kill. So it depends on who I believe. And it is so sad that so many children of God believe more in the devil than in God. Everything I give to you here, is all Word.

The other thing which I just want to point out again, is that nothing relieve you from the curse besides blood. Only a blood offer can relieve you from that curse. If an offer does not hurt to give, if it does not tear your heart in pieces to give then it is not an offer, then it is a present. It must really hurt to give. You should give something that you can’t afford to give. Because the life is in the BLOOD. So, that which is in your heart, is that which you must actually give to be obedient. The other thing is, we must always look after the house, these that are close to us, so that they can come under protection and healing. With other words if you don’t bring your part in the ministry you belong to, then you sponge off of the bloodoffers of others……then you become a spiritual vampire. Others must give their tithes with torn and broken hearts, and you just want to take all tha advantages out of that, without giving anything. Do you then maybe think that the Almighty will be satifeid with your works……you will open terrible doors for the destroyer to come in.

How does a business work?…. We must never forget, God placed everything in our hands. Whether it is an ice cream kart or a gold mine, it doe not matter. God gave you the gifts to manage that business, just like he has given me the gifts to manage a ministry. Just like He give a farmer the ability to farm and the same like He gives an accountant and a doctor and a teacher. God gives gifts for you to honour Him, it’s all about for the extension of His Kingdom of the heavens. It is all about doing the will of God. So how does this work? This business which God has placed in your hands, has never been your business, it has always been God’s. everything which has been placed in your hands has always been God’s, He just entrusts you with it. He will come to measure… day… the standards on how you implemented His Word in that business. You have been faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things. I always like to use Bill Gates as an example, the richest man on earth, even everything he has now, God says is too little. The business must pay tithe on the business’ profit amount. Not from the income, but of the nett profit, so that the business may be blessed. The owner must also give a tithe out of his salary to the ministry/house where god has placed them. Just as all other gifts in the body, are the gifts of the business manager also under the authority of the body, just as all members.

Now we must understand one thing clearly, the Spirit of God is everlasting, He loves us eternally. I have had situations where people have cut this to the breadline, to the bare minimum and only give that. This is not an offer, it is a forced worker, you are confused, it will bring you nothing. It must come out your heart, with love and respect. It must happen out of full obedience and thankfulness. Can you now understand why you cannot use it as a stick, because it is a loving, thanksgiving offer we give to the Father. You bring it to His house, so that there may be food in the house of the Lord, so the ministry may be able to function and be able to fullfilll the need in the ministry. If you have a problem with the leadership in you ministry, or you are unhappy about something, don’t use your tithe as a stick. Go and sort out the problems and carry on. Stay in theplace where god has placed you, and fuction fully in that place.

What is the responsibility of the ministry/house where you belong? The offer must come to the house of the Lord, so that there may be food in the house of the Lord, so that we can help people, physically and spiritually. There will be physical and spirituall healing. Another thing which I just want to mention is that, it is also important that there is cross pollination. It is very important the ministries should get involved with each other, and sow in each other…meaning it is a connection line, it is Peter’s net with which he caught the 153 fish. A ministry is but only one piece of that net (body), but the knot is the connection which we make. The seed which we sow in other ministries bring these connections. A 3rd of the ministry’s income should go to the spreading of the gospel.

People should have the liberty to go to their leaders when they are going through a crises and to ask for help. And then the ministry can sow the tithes back to the one in need. That is why we should really trust each other, and respect from both sides, because the first thing that the devil wants is for us nit to trust one another. The moment a member no longer has the liberty to go to their leader for help, then the devil has full right to destroy. This is separation of the body. And the leader in turn should also have liberty to contact a member when and if the tithes are not given. It is not about money, it’s about you, and your protection, and your help. Because maybe don’t feel right to go to your leader or are emabaressed with your problem, this is also why a leader’s door must always be open to it’s members. The Lord is ther to help, not to curse that’s satans job, but God’s work is to bless. But come passed the curse, do not allow satan to destroy you even further. Also don’t think that you will come passed the curse if you bought a new car yesterday outside of God’s will, you must be responsible toward your finances.

The ministry’s responsiblilty is to always provide a house for you, to put food on the table for you. to provide you with spiritual food, so that you can grow. Give food, to give the living water. So, the ministry/house offers protection, feeding, help as well as healing, from his side or from the member’s side.

The seed which get sown into the ministry, should inturn bring in the eternal harvests, so the tithe has a double meaning….it breaks the curse on the works of your hands and bring in an eternal offer for you. Through the ministry where you are involved in and where you function in. Meaning, now the whole ministry is laid out upon His feet and then God will judge this ministry. It does not matter whether you have just been in the ministry for one day or for forever, everyone will receive the same eternal wages. Let us put in numbers to understand it fully, say for example that this ministry will receive 10 000.00 eternal reward. That 10 000.00 will not be divided amongst all it’s members, no, each of us will likewise receive 10 000.00 eternal reward because you were active, because you were part of the ministry. Let’s say the ministry was also involved with other ministries, then each and every member in all those ministries will also receive the blessings and reward and visa versa. Can you see the importance of blessing other ministries and sowing into their works.

So the tithe has two parts, it breaks the curse and protects the remaining 9/10 for you. It is also placed in the ministry wher you are functioning and out of that ministry the gifts function and form that gifts you will receive your eternal reward/wages.

On the other hand, let’s say you are a business man. Then that business belongs to the ministry, belongs to the Lord, you only received the gifts from God to run that business, it was placed in your hands. Everything was placed in your hands, but it was also placed under the roof of the ministry.

How it works is this, let’s say you have a business and two of your employees have a crises, and they are children of God. How should they be helped?…..The business should not help them, the ministry should help them. So the help you offer them should be on behalf of the ministry and not on behalf of the ministry. So now everyone shares in everyone’s blessings in ministry, because exactly this are the gifts you received. And in turn you share in others’ gifts which are functioning in the ministry…..I believe you understand it now……it has never been your business or your gifts, it has always been God’s.

Say for example there are kindergarten events going on and you feel in your heart to support that kindergarten. You still give you tithes to the ministry, but you contact the ministry and tell them about this kindergarten event, and then you do it on behalf of the ministry. Then the ministry supports that institution. If you do it alone, all the blessings and wages only go to you. It is a ministry story, it is to do with the house, so you bring it home so that there will be food in the house of the Lord. God did not say take it for yourself. He said bring it to the house of the Lord. Afterward you contact the leader and give feedback on the said event or function. God shares all his blessings with us, but do we want to share our blessings with each other? It is anyway not you that share the blessing…you are only the cause that others may also receive of the blessings. Christ’s heart….

The harvests of the tithes are not in this life….we should really understand this.

But because God wants to bless us, He brought in this additional thing. We saw in Malachi where the Lord speaks of the tithe and of the thanksgiving offer. Meaning, there is also a thanksgiving offer and what is this offer? Let me tell you now these guys that preach prosperity which say that this is money, are wrong….no I don’t agree with it. It can be made up of anything which God has provided you with. So you can buy a man bread/food etc, it is also aomething which the Lord can use you for, menaing it is out of appreciation which you give. Let’s say for example you give something to someone who needs it, of which you have in abundance, this is not a tithe this is a thanksgiving offer. And this thanksgiving offer can come in nay form. It can be a smile, it can be a prayer, it can be a bible verse, can be your old clothes, it can be a blanket, bread, it can be in any physical or spiritual form, even a glass of water, does Jesus not say… if you give to them so you give to Me. these prosperity guys which preach what you sow is what you will harvest….no I don’t agree. Then they are using this bible verse to say if you plant corn, you will get corn, that is why they can tell people if they have financial problems, they should give money. No no no. It is not of God. A thanksgiving offer is anything in which God can use you in. Remember if your heart is full of appreciation then the Lord can use you in anyway He pleases. You don’t always realise where the offer comes from, that is why it is so important to consecrate ourselces to the lord everyday, and always be a offering to Him. That is why He says we must be an offering to the Lord. Meaning, the offer can come in any shape and size, but the offer has a harvest, and the Lord knows where you are in need.

Let me explain it to you this way. Many years ago an girl from Walvis Bay contacted me. She started telling me how she had planned to go and kill herself. She had everything planned carefully, how she would go to the bushes and would then have taken her own life.

 She explained how she was on her way to the place wher she had planned to follow through with her plans, and she said on her way she passed a Supermarket/Grocery Shop. She said at that moment when she walked passed the door of the shop a woman came walking out and this woman smiled at her. She said the moment she saw that smile she realised that was noticed. This girl only told me the story afterward. She said oom Gert when that woman smiled at me, I knew it was Jesus smiling at me. Then I knew God has not forgotten about me, He has never left me. and satan was trying to destroy me. She said the moment that woman smiled at her she knew and she immediately r=turned around and went back home and decided not to go through with her plans. You see that is a thanksgiving offer, because the woman was full of love, peace and life the Lord could used her smile for Jesus to shine through and to do His work. She walks out, and I don’t think that even today still that she knows about anything. Many a times, because you are full of the Lord, He uses you without you knowing. That is a thanksgiving, what we have for which we can be used. This womans heart was full of appreciation and noy sour en sloppy shoulders. Because she is full of the Lord and she could give Jesus through the form of a smile, and Jesus could do the rest of the work. Now if the Prosperity hinter were right then it would mean that every woman which passed that girl would’ve smiled at her, and that’s not how it worked.

There was a stage in our lives where my wife and I had a total of 9 dairy cows, and we gave over a 100L milk to the less privileged everyday, churches, old age homes, orphanges, etc.On another farm we gave close to 200L everyday. But do you know what……till today I still have to buy my own milk. The Lord did not make me the owner of Nam Dairies. If it is true that I will get what I put in then I should’ve been the owner of Nam dairies today. But I still have to buy my own milk, yoghurt and cream.

Let me explain to you how the thanksgiving works, a thanksgiving has a harvest, the tithes does not, not here only on the other side. That is why the Lord says if we a re willing to offer everything to Him, then we will receive many more in this what is this many more which we will receive. Let me put it this way, we all have something that we have a lot of, but then there are also things that we need. That is why we need brothers and sisters and the lOrd to help us. Let’s say here comes someone who is hynugry, and I give him some bread and coffee. Meaning it is a thanksgiving offer not the tithe. Because the Lord blessed my house in abundance, now I want to bless someone else. It is the same in unbelievers as well as believers lives, everyones lives. It has nothing to do with fertile ground, only the tithe must be sown on fertile ground, so that it can bear fruit in the eternal life. The thanksgiving offer can be in any form, any time, you can even give a smile to a Satanist and the Lord God will be in your smile.

A thanksgiving offer must always be sown…..we must always be instruments, to show Christ to the world. A thanksgiving offer has nothing to do with you. You must just give where there is need, so that people can see, so that that something that you give can convince them of Him who is in you. You have an influx of what someone else needs, you fulfil his need. But tomorrow your child gets hurt in a sproting event and it costs a lot of money for operations and treatment, etc. remebr it is a bloodline thing, everyone which you bless, God will bless. But now you are in need, so now God uses someone else to give you a thanksgiving offer and suddenly they help your child for free. It has happened to us before, and then we wonder why. You walk into a place and then you receive a certain amount of discount. I remember last year I had to replace two of my car tyres, and when we arrived theysiad that actually all four tyre should be replaced. I only had a certain amount of money, and I said to the Lord I am going to get the other two tyre replaced in faith. When I received the invoice, I saw that man gave me 50% off. Where that came from onlyGod knows, I was in need. God used this man’s business to fulfil our need. Somewhere along the line we had to have done something good to someone, which we had forgotten about already, so now God uses someone else to give us a thanksgiving offer. This explains the part in the bible I think it stands in Judges 2:24-26 ( self read)


Meaning the thanksgiving offer is there to provide to your needs now. If you have given me a piece of meat, I can pray for you for rain. Meaning now blesses you with rain. That is why it is also important to pray for one another. But if you don’t give any thanksgiving offers your paryers won’t help. Satan stands around the corner reday to steal, this is where Daniel 10 comes in, you always have evil sprirts around you ready to steal your paryers. If your prayers are not in the will of God, pure and covered with the blood of Jesus, then satan will steal it and God will have to turn His head the other way. That is how it works. Now the piece in the bible in Judges 2:24,”………” meaning it is not all just fir you.

This whole teaching can be summed up to this…..God is in this covenant to be able to use man…He is the God who desires to bless man, but He needs us to loosen those blessing over each other. Let us jump in and start living the Word…become doers of the Word and not just listeners….and start blessing each other……may this Word bless you abundantly.